10 Best Dog House this Winter Season

Sometimes, coming up with ways to keep your pooch warm during those long winter nights, can be challenging. Though you can choose several easy solutions to maintain the doghouse warmer, it is important to take necessary measure, especially in the cold regions.

Oftentimes, the one way to heat up doghouses in very cold climates is by adding commercial heating units in the house. Alternatively is to make your own heating device. For pet health see Likeable Pets.

What can dog owners do to keep their furry friends warm in extreme climates? Below is a look at ways to do it.

#1 - Dog Palace Large Dog House by ASL Solutions

Best Dog House

This winter doggy house is made using rotationally-molded (rotomolded) plastic sheets. This ASL solutions winter dog house incorporates auto-shutoff, easy-push door. All plastic panels, including the floor and pass-through door, have insulating foam. In summer, the triangular windows offer ventilation, but its window panes may be closed to keep heat in winter. Raised 4" above the base, there's a drain that makes cleaning easy and keeps the floor dry.

The door is hinged at the lower part in top half style, but may be removed as you train your dog to help encourage your pet get in. What makes the dog palace house best for your dog in winter? This doghouse is well insulated removing any worries of having your dog live outside in winter.

The indoor temperature of this doghouse increases gradually with your pet’s own body temperature. When using a heater, you actually won’t have it work every time since the house’s insulation will also do its part as well.

#2 - DH350 Pet House From Suncast

Best Dog House

The DH350 pet house has a distinct feature since its roof is removable without having to take down everything. Its sloppy floor drains to a groove along the inner perimeter. This doghouse has a vinyl door which helps keep moisture out and individualized letters for your pet's name.

The different parts lock tightly together like they are glued thus making this doggy House leak-proof. This pet house can quickly be disassembled and assembled for winter making it ideal for bringing with you during holidays and trips.

With continuous UV exposure, plastics, in general, degrade becoming brittle in extreme temperatures. However, this doggy house tolerates extreme warm and cold temperatures rather well. You will, however, need a blanket or heating pad to improve insulation in cold winters.

During winter or rain seasons, consider raising the house since its floor is rather low. How can you tackle this challenge to make it ideal for your pet? But some inches of lumber or bricks will be fine. These doghouse dimensions are 33"x38.5"x32".

#3 - Waterproof Plastic Pet Kennel Winter House From Confidence

Best Dog House

Constructed using durable molding plastic, this simple design doghouse has a pitched roof, enough headroom, front opening, and bigger interior space. It is easy to clean, maintain and is waterproof. It comes in three sizes, beginning from medium to the extra-large. The biggest size has space for 2 large Labradors. The inside space measures 41.3” x 38” x 38.7”. You can safely put this winter doghouse out on your patio or in the yard.

How can your pet remain warm in winter?

During winter, a heating pad will be needed though. You could consider placing a tarp or dog blanket over the Pet Dog Waterproof plastic Winter House too. This is because it doesn't have door covers to keep precipitation and the cold out. The front opening allows easy access for your dog to the house and lets in the breeze in warmer weather.

In winter, these doghouses offer plenty of room, and generally for the all-weather environment. But, this plastic kennel requires some adjustments for every weather change.

#4 - Indigo Dog House with Microban by Petmate

Best Dog House

This Doggy House has Microban is igloo-inspired, hence it's dome-shaped. The house is constructed from structural foam merged with Microban technology that discourages the microorganisms growth which causes stains and odor. It's small roof vent help in air circulation in this winter dog house. Indigo dog houses have extended doorways that provide coverage from snow, draft, and rain. However, you will require a flap door or tarp for gusty winds and heavy downpour.

Correctly measure your pet and compare this with the house dimensions you’re buying. Why is this important when buying a pet house? This aspect is crucial as you are purchasing insulated dog houses for extreme weather.

Since a size bigger than what your pets needs will be too breezy while smaller sizes will be ill fitting. Your dog should be able to get in, head first, and then manage to turn around with no trouble. When buying this house for a puppy, its best to consider your pet’s adult size since this solidly built shell lasts a long while.

#5 - Outdoor Pet House by K&H Pet Products

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Pet House was originally designed for cats and it is also a good choice for toy breed dogs or puppies. This winter doghouse is built using a 600-denier polyester material with a vinyl waterproof layer.

This doggy house has enough space for small pets and measures 14" x 18" x 16". It comes with regular gable-house shape and has openings both in the front and back. A vent hole on the entryway increases the airiness, and extended roof or eaves protect it from precipitation.

What can I do If I live in a place that experiences frigid winters? For this, it's best that you get the heated variation of this doghouse for the extreme weather. This has 2 door flaps and Lectro-Soft heated pad to shield the openings.

You can use this Outdoor Dog house outside your house but maybe under a roofed structure, like the patio or garage. Though insulated and waterproof this material is very lightweight thus it can give in during a heavy downpour, snowfall or strong winds.

#6 - Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater by ASL Solutions

Best Dog House

This deluxe dog house definitely has got it. For the unpleasant winters, this sixth best winter dog house from ASL Solutions is more sufficiently warm. This pooch house is same as the Dog Palace– all panels have EPS foam insulation, triangular opening, self-closing door, and huge interior space.

What then makes this pet house different? The one difference is it has a fleece bed and 40-watt floor heater that come with the kennel. This helps insulate the inside space both from excess cold and a lot of heat.

The heated floor and vents of the Insulated Dog house with Floor Heater are neat additions. You can also choose the specially made solar-operated fan for weather adaptability and optimal comfort. Still, you will have a heater to keep your pet warm, though it will have to operate longer than it normally does. When it's too hot and there's no fan in this winter house. You should know that it has panels that you may remove to let in a breeze.

#7 - Cozy Cottage Durable Plastic Dog House by Pet Zone

Best Dog House

This plastic winter Dog House will look like the regular compact plastic houses that you keep seeing. However, it has something different to offer. It has double walls. Though similar to the Dog Palace mentioned above, this house is different since it's not insulated with foam or any other material. This is why it's ranked lower and is cheaper.

The double walls offer some level of insulation, however, not enough for winter. Its roof is removable thus making cleaning the house easy. Though made of durable plastic this dog kennel is best for dogs weighing at most 75 pounds.

What makes this pet house best for your pet? It's easy to assemble this compact winter pet house. The roof, walls, and floor are a single molded plastic sheeting that clicks together without using any tools. Thus assembling them is much simpler.

The Pet Zone Durable Plastic House is really lightweight. So when you consider portability, its an advantage, however, this can be rather annoying especially when your pet dog attempts to tip it over or its blown away by a storm.

#8 - DH250 Dog House by Suncast

Best Dog House

The DH250 pet house is made using a synthetic resin, which is molded into durable sheets that click together to create a leak-proof doghouse. DH250 dog house comes with a crowned floor, implying that the central part is slightly raised to slope downwards to the edges. Hence any liquids or water will drain off the sides onto the grooves that run along the inner perimeter of the pet house. The floor measurements is 27"x35" x 29.5". This pet house is meant for a pup weighing 70-lb.

For the combined functionality, price, clean look, simplicity, and durability, this pet house is reliable. What makes this dog house ideal for your pet friend? The DH250 Pet Dog House by Suncast is fuss-free, resistance to moisture, easy to assemble, and the roof panel click on and off rather easily. Thus cleaning the pet house is fairly easy.

Having a good height on this house will make its built-in drainage be more efficient. This lightweight pooch house is easy to relocate or transport.

#9 - Outback Log Exterior Dog House by Precision Pet

Best Dog House

The Outback Doggy House is shed-type with cedar-stained log-style wood paneling. This winter dog house has a sloped asphalt roof with black-brown trim which keeps this rustic log-cabin looking well put-together. To keep the house raised off the ground, this pet house has plastic feet. The wooden panels are stained for weather-proofing, however, it's wood and actually rather thin. Medium rains will not have much problem since water will slide off.

But, snow will be a whole new matter, since it might pile up and soak in the wood before it can drip off. This will weaken the panels and make it rot, and this is a disadvantage of this winter dog house.

How can prevent damage to the doghouse? You can apply a coat of polyurethane varnish to help increase the wood panels lifespan. This large size winter dog kennel is meant for dogs weighing 70-95 pounds and measures 45.5"x33"x33". Its roof is screwed on, making cleaning and bedding changing rather hard. Perhaps hinging would have given this house more function.

#10 - Outdoor Dog House by Petsfit

Best Dog House

This winter pet house from Petsfit has several good things to offer your pet. First, it has a great porch design. Second, it has a roof that extends out the doorway; hence it offers ample cover to help keep rain from flowing inside. Third, it has a hinged roof – it means the roof doesn't have to be detached if you want to check the heater or clean the floor.

In addition, this winter outdoor doghouse comes with other details, which will benefit your pet. Some of these are waterproof asphalt roofing, adjustable feet, and porch for during warmer weather, inside space for cooler weather, and added ventilation on the windows. The pet house walls are made using kiln-dried cedar.

Is this dog house good for the cold winter weather? In winter, you will need to add something for covering the window, lots of blankets for screening the airy flooring, a heating pad. Even then, this outdoor pet house has been made well, is well designed. But the downside is that it is quite expensive.

In Closing

Although some dog breeds can withstand more cold compared to others, no pet dog breed is entirely immune to the cold temperatures. So regardless of the dog breed you have, he will need the best winter dog house. Especially when he should spend more time outside.

Don’t get tempted to think that thick furry pet dogs will cope staying outside during cold winters. How do you ensure your pet stays warm during the cold winters? What pet house named above are you using for your pooch? Share with us below your experience in the comment section.

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