5 Ways To Cut Pet Costs You Kneed to Know

Pets can be a wonderful addition to a family. But, the cost to purchase and take care of a pet can be quite expensive.

A routine visit to the veterinarian alone can set you back hundreds of dollars. Food, dog treats, and chew toys can also add up.

If something unexpected happens, you could be facing thousands of dollars of vet bills.

This is why it is important to understand what costs come with owning a pet before you decide to own one. It is vital to do the research and see how much everything will cost. It is easy to spend a lot of money on your furry friend, especially if you are a first-time pet owner.

Take a look at pet shops in Glasgow and make sure that you are getting the most for your money. I have dogs and cats and have figured out ways to make sure my pets are very well taken care of on a budget.

Here are some tips:

1. Price Out Veterinarians

Vet Visit Costs

Since most people do not have pet insurance there is no governance on what veterinarians charge for their services. By calling around you will most likely see that the price varies between vets quite a bit. Make sure to ask the vets how much they charge for a regular check-up, immunisations, and other usual procedures.

You also want to keep in mind that there are veterinarians who specialise in certain procedures. Because of this, their prices may be less than your regular vet. A good example of this is spaying and neutering. Many clinics only perform this service and offer excellent rates.

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2. Choose Food That is Both Wholesome and Affordable

How to Choose Dog Food for Healthy Teeth

Your pet needs to eat. Providing them a healthy diet will most likely be your most expensive cost. It is a good idea to shop around when deciding which dog food to supply your dog. You want to make sure that the food you choose has the right nutrition but also has a good price.

Dog Food Advisor is an excellent website that will help you choose a good dog food. They provide a ranking system for their readers that will help you see which food is the best bang for your buck.

Don’t only look at the price of the bag of dog food. Make sure you look at how much a single serving is from the bag. Some dog food companies use many fillers that make it look like you are getting a good deal but in reality, your dog will need to eat much more to feel full. A higher quality food may have a smaller service size and will be more filling.

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3. Make Sure to Crate Train Your Dog

Puppies are notorious for making mess and ruining homes. Even older dogs have been known to destroy things when they have free reign of a house. By using a crate to train your dogs you will be saving your home and lots of money in repairs.

We adopted our second dog and quickly learned that she was not used to being indoors. She would constantly chew and nibble on furniture, shoes, and anything else she could manage.

Unfortunately, we paid the price. We even had to purchase new living room furniture because our dog chewed it up. This was not a cheap lesson. We learned even more mature dogs can have difficulty obeying.

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4. Adopt

top 25 dog blogs 2

Adopting is an excellent way to choose a pet. You are helping provide a loving home for an animal and are also saving a lot of money by doing it.

If you decide to buy a dog from a breeder or even a pet store you will be paying a high premium. Many breeders charge £800-£1500 for a purebred. If you choose to get a dog from a shelter you can expect to pay only £100-£200 dollars.

Often times, shelter dogs come with all vaccinations, microchipped, and having been spayed or neutered.

Even if you are only interested in a specific breed of dog, you may be able to find one at a shelter. People move or decide they can’t take care of a dog give it to a shelter.

This includes families who have spent a lot of money on a purebred. Shelters often have the reputation of having old dogs, but this is simply not true.

While purebreds are more popular than mutts, they also sometimes face medical conditions that result from inbreeding. Mutts are hardier and often times healthier. They do not suffer from many of the same problems as purebreds.

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5. Fancy Toys are Not Necessary

Best Dog Food For Lab Puppies

Puppies are especially cute and it is easy to want to buy them everything. But puppies, just like human babies, do not understand if a dog toy was 50 cents or 50 dollars.

You can use your creativity to make dog toys that will be sure to keep your dog occupied for hours. Even those expensive toys that claim to last forever, will surely be lost or destroyed in no time.

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Here are some of the things I have done to create dog toys my pets have loved playing with. Take a water bottle that is emptied and add some dog food to create a puzzle toy.

Tennis balls are a cheap option that all dogs seem to love. I use my old tennis balls that are no longer appropriate for the tennis court.

You can also entertain your dog by getting an empty box and adding some ping pong balls and yarn. Just make sure you are watching them so they don’t choke.

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Ways To Cut Pet Costs: The Final Words

Let’s face it, owning a pet can be expensive. But there are ways to make the costs less daunting. And by sticking to a budget, your dog will not suffer or know the difference.

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