6 Best Ways to Soothe Your Dog’s Dry Skin: Know What to Do

Dogs skin changes according to the weather just like us. Sometimes you’ll see that your dog has a nice smooth skin and other time completely dry skin that might itch. But the weather isn't the only culprit in this case. Sometimes a specific breed could inherit this issue, or the lack of proper care might also cause it.

There are some good ways to soothe your dog's dry skin. However, before you apply them to make sure you contact your vet from beforehand. This way you’ll know whether it’s only a matter of minor dry skin issues or some big medical issue.

So, now you are all set, let’s see what the different ways are!

What Will Happen If You Don’t Treat Your Dog’s Dry Skin?

There are many ways to improve the overall quality of your dog's skin. But if you don't treat it accordingly, your dog will face some serious issues. These are:

1. Flaking

Well, typically all the dogs happen to show flaking to some extent, but if your dog has normal skin, you won't notice it. Flaking happens when the dead skin falls off, and you'll typically see it on their underarm and belly.

2. Itching

Obviously, with all these skin issues you'll dog won't feel comfortable in its skin. It will start to itch due to dandruff, pimples, infections and many more. But if your dog starts to itch it will become worse over time.

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3. Dandruff

It's kind of similar to flaking. But dandruff usually comes off in pieces. You'll see dead skin or shite flakes everywhere the dog will lie down. Even when you are playing with him.

4. Shedding

You'll start to notice excessive hair fall. I already know that some breeds shed a lot, but this time it will be exceptional. Moreover, you might see bald spots or hot spots where there is no hair at all.

5. Scaling

If this continues to grow, your dog’s skin might start to come off. It won’t be only flakes anymore. At this stage, it will be serious as the skin will cause infections and other problems.

6. Pimples

With dry skin, you'll see pimples on the body. These are small and red bumps. However, if these are on the chin and you have a short-hair breed then it might just be a case of acne issues.

7. Scabs

The pimples swell over time, and your dog may open it up when he/she is itching it. Furthermore, it will scab up quite fast after that.

8. Odor

Yeah, dry skin will stink if you don’t take care of it. If you let it get infected by yeast or bacteria, it will start to give out a bad odor. The best way to stop it is to take care of the scaling and flaking when it begins.

9. Redness

Another possible outcome is inflammations. You'll notice red skins, and it will soon become infected.

Best Remedies to Deal with Dry Skin in Dogs

Typically most of the dry skin issues clear up with omega-3 fatty acids, but sometimes it can become harder to control. In that case, I've assembled some of the best ways to soothe the dry skin. Check these out:

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the awesome moisturizers which happens to come with good bacteria that help to ease the skin. Try to add this food to his diet. For small pooch, only one teaspoon is enough for larger dogs one tablespoon is enough. It will not only cure the dry skin problem, but it will also improve the digestive system and prevent him/her from having diarrhea.

2. Fish Oil

Usually, dry skin is the outcome of something missing from your dog's diet. There are many commercial foods for dogs that offer enough omega-6 fatty acid. Adding up the omega-3 acid makes it more expensive. However, due to it being too expensive they tend to skim down on the omega-3 acids and add more omega-6 acid instead.

If you think they will help your dog or is enough to keep them well balanced, then you're wrong. To balance it up feeding fresh fish would be the best way to go. The fish oils contain an omega-3 fatty acid that will improve the skin and clear up the dryness.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes with a broad range of advantages for dry skin problems. It contains a high level of vitamins and antioxidants. So, along with being a good solution for your dog's skin, you can also add it to the diet. Well, this is typically good because in most cases they tend to lick of any product you put on their skin.

4. Vitamin E

The free radicals do a lot of damage to the dog’s skin when it becomes dry. Vitamin E is a good supplement for antioxidants. It will moisturize the coat and help accelerate the change in diet.

Some of you may see outputs immediately; others might need a few days to stop the dry skin. You can get the vitamin E capsule for humans as they are edible for dogs too. Don't worry, even if your furry friend licks it off it won't cause him/her any trouble.

5. Other Oils

Many professionals recommend olive oils to soothe the skin. Olive oils have the same type of benefits as coconut oil. You will add it to the diet similarly like yogurt. So, it would not only get rid of the dry skin problem, but it will also moisturize the skin.

6. Natural Ingredient Lotions

There are some awesome selections of lotion for dry dog skin. They are perfect for dealing with all the problems of dry skin. Typically these lotions come with natural ingredients. But before you get them to make sure you know whether they are truly using natural ingredients or not.

Lotions can help relief dandruff, dermatitis, flea allergies, scaly skin, black skin disease, hot spots, yeast problems, and many more. When picking the right one try to go for the Vitamin E and aloe vera solutions. As both of these ingredients are best for moisturizing.

Final Thoughts

Dog's dry skin might not seem like a major issue at first, but if you leave it untreated, it can cause some severe problems for your dog. You definitely don't want your pooch to suffer for it, so it's best to start the treatment right away.

If you think the problem is too worse, then consult with your vet immediately. 

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