7 Tips to Clean Your Dog without Experiencing Bathing Problem

Clean your dog always becomes a headache. It moves too much or your dog just doesn’t want to do that. If your dog have wound, you should clean and treat the dog wound properly. 

However, you don’t need to worry about it. Here, we have the Tips to Clean Your Dog, without bathing them too much. But, you must remember here, that you still need to bath your dog sometimes, to ensure its hygiene. Let’s get started.

1.The Pet Wipes

You can find this unique and useful product easily. Basically, this product is specially made to clean your dog without using water. Just wipe your dog thoroughly and it’s done. However, when you wipe your dog, avoid the eyes area.

2.Brush Your Dog

Brush your dog fur will keep your dog clean. Usually, the allergy or skin problem that is caused by lack of hygiene comes from the dirt, maggots and other substance that stuck on your dog fur. So, if you groom it regularly, you can remove this dirt and keep it clean.

3.Dry Shampoo

There are many types of dry shampoo you can find on the market. Buy one of them and apply it on your dog body using a towel. Do it by massaging your dog, so it will also feel comfortable. However, if you can’t find the dry shampoo on your local store, you can make it yourself. Just use baking soda and cornstarch mixture. Use it like dry shampoo to remove the dog smell.

4.Clean Your Dog’s Stuff

Your dog’s bed, blanket, and toys are the source of the dirt and other things that make your dog dirty. So, the best way to keep your dog clean is by cleaning this stuff as well. Do it regularly. Use the cleaning product you can easily find on the store, to help you clean it easily.

5.Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Clean your dog’s ears don’t mean you have to take it to the bath. Just use simple stuff like baby oil and a cotton bud. Your dog’s ears are big, so we can say that it can keep a lot of dirt in it. If you keep it too long, it can cause a health problem. You also can use the dog’s ears cleaning product from the store to make it much easier to do.

6.Clean Your Dog’s Mouth

Oral health is one of the important parts of your dog’s hygiene. You can use the dental chews product to do this. However, you also need to maintain what your dog eats. Make sure you clean it after they eat the type of food that easily stuck on their teeth.

7.Doggy Spray

You can use doggy sprays and foams when you brushing your dog. It makes your dog smell nice and fresh. Of course, some product also can help your dog has smooth fur.

Those are tips you can use to clean your dog without bathing it too much. Keep doing all of those tips regularly, so you can keep your dog hygiene at a good level. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about bathing time problem.

Jennifer Wood

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