Are Dried Mealworms Good for Bluebirds?

Feeding bluebirds with mealworms attract them to stick around and nest on your trail. Giving bluebirds mealworms also gives you an insight on the behaviors to expect from bluebirds.

This will give you the joy and pleasure of watching these beautiful thrushes in your backyard. The gratifying pleasure of hearing their song in the morning will jolt you to appreciate what nature offers.

While all these may sound great and refreshing, live mealworms can be quite a hassle to find locally. You will have to pass through a lot of rigorous activity to train them on your own let alone have them shipped to you successfully, especially in the summer months.

But we have found a great solution to this, and that is dried mealworms. In case you don't know, Dried mealworms still retain all the high protein your birds need. You don't have to worry about maintaining or keeping them alive.

The best part is that they're remarkably cheaper and lower in cost than Live mealworms.

So, the question is: Are dried mealworms good for bluebirds?
To answer this question, we have outlined a few points below to show whether dried mealworms are the best treat for bluebirds or not.

Dried Mealworms Are Perfect Treat for Nestlings

Giving Nestlings Dried mealworms will allow them to survive the periods of cold/wet weather. This will enable parent birds to stay near the nest to defend their young ones and assist single parents.

However, you need to apply caution, when feeding young Bluebirds Mealworms. The thing is, mealworms are quite low in calcium and have a hard exoskeleton that can be a bit hard for young birds to digest easily.

So what you need to do is to soak and soften the mealworms with warm water to reduce the risk of baby birds choking due to the hard shells.

Dried Mealworms Make Baby Bluebirds Fledge Earlier

Studies have shown that baby bluebird, that fed on mealworms fledge earlier, and are healthier. They have a higher chance of survival with a steady diet of mealworms for the first two weeks after hatching.

Dried Mealworms Provide Proteins to Bluebirds

Of course, Dried Mealworms offers the required protein during the breeding period. As these adults are exposed and are completely drained while feeding their young ones, the protein gotten from mealworms will provide them with the necessary nutrients and energy to feed their young.

They are Tasty Treat to Bluebirds

Dried Mealworms are one of the best spicy treats for enticing new species of bluebirds to your yards. The reason is that bluebirds love mealworms, and they will do anything within their reach to get a pinch.

Dried Mealworms Will Boost The Health and Steady Growth of Bluebirds

Aside from the tasty treat of mealworms, they are also nutritious, filled with the needed protein to make your birds flaunt in full health and vigor. This is because they are high in fat and protein, which are essential to birds that need extra fat in winter to stay warm and to boost the growth of their young.

Enhance and Boost the Production of Feathers

While mealworms will boost the production of eggs, during molting periods, bluebirds need a lot of protein to recover the feathers they have lost. With the regular consumption of mealworms, bluebirds that have lost their feathers during the molting period will regain them rapidly due to the high amount of protein found in mealworms.

Boost Egg Production

By feeding bluebirds with enough protein, they’ll be able to produce more eggs.

While that is true, the intake of mealworms by bluebirds will assist the incubating female to find food quickly. This will prevent her from leaving her eggs for a long period.

Helps Parents Bluebird to Easily Source for Food

Feeding bluebirds mealworms will allow the Parent birds to take a mouthful of mealworms to feed their nestlings. And when the young birds eventually leave the nest, the juvenile birds will come to the feeder to help themselves snack in some mealworms for the first time in their life.

Mealworms Make Bluebird Trust you 

Bluebirds will become familiar to you when you always give them their favorite treat of mealworms. They will even flock around you while you fill the feeder with mealworms, and then later swoop in at the moment you leave. This will give you the chance to observe their behavior.

Acts as Medicine

Dried mealworms can be used to help a sick bird to fully recover from an attack of a predator or an infection. The intake of dried mealworms will give the bluebird the needed nutrients to repair worn out tissues.

Allows Bluebirds to Eat All Year Rounds

During May through October, which is the warmer months of the year, Bluebirds can usually find plenty of food to survive with less hassle.

But under harsh weather conditions such as extended season of wet, chilly weather, or snow & cold environment, bluebirds will benefit from eating mealworms. This is because mealworms are readily available all year round and are not affected by seasons, weather or other elements.

Mealworms Keep Your Birds Healthy, Active and Happy

Lastly, apart from your birds trusting you with their favorite treat, feeding them with mealworms make them more vibrant, vigorous, active and happy. You will notice that they will become busy for all ages in your yard as they peck every corner of the feeder just in case they missed one.


Now, back to our question: are dried Mealworms good for Bluebirds? The answer is yes. They are the best treat for bluebirds. If you want a perfect and tasty diet that will make your bluebird more active and vibrant in full health, then giving them dried mealworms is the right thing to do. Visit for more detail!

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