9 Ways to Avoid Mistakes While Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog at home can be a great way to bond with them. Not only that, but it’ll also help you save quite a bit!

But, if you are not careful enough, you might end up messing the whole thing up. Many dog owners have complained about things going out of the hand in the blink of an eye.

For starters, you are not a professional groomer. So, don't beat yourself up if you don't get good at it right away.

The second thing to consider is that they cannot communicate like us. So, you need to be patient with them and follow some simple rules to get better at this.

Thankfully, we are here to guide you down the road. We have listed out 9 common mistakes about grooming and how you can get rid of them.

So, let's start with our very first one.

1. Don't Be Random, Follow a Routine

This is a very common mistake that most people do while grooming their dogs. You cannot just give your dog a bath because you feel it. Being random with the grooming schedule will only make it worse. Your dog can get very sick from fleas or parasites.

So, you should rather try to follow a schedule. Make a calendar that indicates the days that your dog needs grooming. Try to follow it through properly. It will help you to get in control and stop randomizing.

2. Don't Rush The Process, Take Your Time

Grooming your dog should be a fun way to spend more time with him/her. It's an excellent way to bond and be affectionate. But, many tend to see it as a sore responsibility which takes away the fun part away. When you rush the grooming, the whole thing becomes incomplete.

Take your time. Be gentle with that comb or brush or clipper. It lets your dog enjoy the grooming and you can get a finer result. Plus, it will give you ample opportunity to perfect the art of grooming.

3. Say NO to Unsanitized Grooming Kits

We groom our dog to look more pretty, clean and healthy. But, what if he/she gets sicker after the grooming. Yup! That can happen if you do not sanitize the grooming kits before using them.

It may contain flea, rust or infections which are harmful to your dog and may cause severe illness.

Remember to sanitize your kit before you use it. Wash that brush or comb properly with sanitizer. Make sure that the grooming clippers are rust free and sanitized. It may take some time and preparation. But, you should not avoid this as a caring dog owner.

4. Check Out For Allergies Before Using Grooming Products

A few dogs have sensitive skin - just like us. Not just dogs, most of the animals have this sensitivity. Some of the products might trigger an allergic reaction to your dog.

Avoid these types of products at all costs. More often than not, grooming products contain chemicals. Your dog might get affected if he is sensitive towards them.

You should run a check up to figure out whether your dog has any specific sensitivity or not. It will help you to choose the right product to groom your dog.

5. Don't Rely Heavily on Brands, DIY Grooming Products Are Perfect

Grooming can be expensive if you are not careful about it. Big brands try to put a price tag on our love for the dog. So, ultimately we end up spending way more than we should. But, it doesn't have to be like this. You can skip the brands and make the product on your own.

DIY grooming products are not that hard to make. In fact, many dog owners prefer it that way. You can use chemical-free ingredients to make the shampoo or moisturizer and so on. It is easy to apply and you can make it as per needed.

6. Don't Skip Brushing, Both Before & After Bath

This is a common mistake that all dog owners do. They either brush their dog before the bath or after the bath. But, it is important to brush them twice. Before brushing it helps you to get rid of big chunks of dirt and fleas. And brushing after helps you to sort out their tangled hairs.

So, take your time with the whole process. Take a comfortable brush and start brushing your buddy before taking it to the bath. Wipe him good after the bath. Then brush him again.

7. Train Your Dog To Behave During The Grooming Session

Grooming can be a nightmare if your dog is not trained well. He/she will try to escape every chance he/she gets. Plus, they can also try to bite or scratch you if they are not trained properly.

You should train your dog on how to behave during the grooming. It will take some time and you have to be very patient. Start off with small brushing maneuver. Make him/her feel comfortable and safe. Be a bit rough when you have to, to make him understand who is in charge.

8. Don't Make The Process Uncomfortable, Be Sensitive & Caring

Grooming is something that your dog is unfamiliar with at first. So, it is natural for them to get frightened. It can get even worse if you do not make the whole process comfortable for him/her. It will feel like torture for them.

Try to be patient and extra careful. Use no tears shampoo to spare the eyes. Use the right cutters for the nails to be precise. A more comfortable brush will also help ease the combing process. It's all in the small details.

9. Don't Let Him Jump Outside Right Away

You don't want to see all that hard word vanish right away, do you? Well, maybe then you shouldn't keep the doors open after grooming. Especially after a bath. He/she will go outside and rub the whole body in dried dirt.

Don't let him get outside after the grooming session. Feed him, take him to the bed and cover him/her up with something warm. He/she might feel a bit cold after the bath. The good and healthy looks will last longer if he/she rests after the grooming.​


After you have read it all, doesn't it sound easy? Trust us, it is. All you need is a little patient and a bit of attention to the details. Grooming is fun once you get the hang of it.

So, take your time with it. That's all from us for now. Hopefully, we were able to provide valuable insights for you. Use it wisely. Until then, Ciao.

Jennifer Wood

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