The Best Anti-Bark Device Update 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Dog training is a handful task. It is even harder for beginners. It requires hardwork and patience. So, it will really take time for you to navigate your way through..

Dogs are cute, yes. However, let us admit it; they become annoying when they bark continuously for no apparent reason.

​One of the best ways you can easily train your dog is by using anti-bark devices. These help minimize your pet’s unnecessary and excessive barking. Eventually, he or she will be able to control his or her barking habits.

There is so much debate in our community about anti-bark devices. There are dog parents who believe that these dog collars are harmful. They cite those that use shock as examples. On the other hand, there are also those who believe that these devices are humane and safe. If you would think about it, both sides have equally valid arguments. However, which should you side with? Is one side right and the other, wrong?

As we help you find the best anti-bark device in this article, we will also help you answer those questions. As we introduce you to the different types of bark controllers, we will also help you determine whether your beloved furball needs one or not. So, let us start!

Best Anti-Bark Device For Your Dog



Unique Features

Our Rating

Educator ET-800 (The Editor's Choice)


Lock and Set technology, and Booster technology

Lobo Commander 301TC Training Collar


16 correction levels

Dogtek Bark Control Collar


Optional static impulses

Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Collar Citronella Anti-Bark Training Collar


Citronella spray

GoodBoy Vibration Bark Collar


Consistent and progressive correction

Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe


Autorise technology and Built-in Bark Odometer

Pets Finest Anti-Bark Collar



PetSafe GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collar


Puppy-friendly, and stain-free spray

AGPtek Rechargeable Wireless LCD Digital Dog Training Shock Collar with 100LV of Shock & Vibration, Remote Control


100 correction levels

Our K9 Superior Bark Collar for XS


Small-breed-dog-friendly, and beep and vibration

1. Educator ET-800 - “The Boss” Of All Anti-Bark Dog Collars

The Educator ET-800 is popularly known as “The Boss” of all anti-bark dog collars. Many professional trainers trust it for a lot of reasons.

First of all, it boasts with a one-mile range. Without a doubt, it provides an efficient static correction for large breed dogs. You will be able to handle your pet’s varying temperament, thanks to the 100 stimulation levels it offers.

Moreover, this anti-bark device features the Lock and Set technology. This lets you retain the right stimulation level after discovering the most suitable one for your pet. It really helps especially if you are forgetful or have multiple dogs to train.

Then, there is also the Booster feature. This allows you to select a higher correction level that will catch your pet’s attention should he or she get distracted. Also, with blunt stimulation, you can be confident that every static correction is clean.

This item is powered by lithium polymer batteries. These are fully charged in just two hours. It saves you the hassle of buying replacement batteries every now and then.

More importantly, it has a maximum shock resistance of up to 5,000 Gs; and a maximum submersion level of up to 500 ft.

This product is perfect for dogs weighing at least 25 lbs.


  • Lock and Set technology
  • Booster technology
  • Shock-resistant and water-resistant
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Rechargeable batteries have short lifespan

2. Lobo Commander 301TC Training Collar: The Best Anti-Bark Device for the Simultaneous Training of 2 Dogs

If you want to hit two birds with one stone— that is, training two dogs with just one anti-bark device remote, then, you might want to check out the Lobo Commander 301TC Training Collar. It is convenient to use since it is only powered by standard AAA batteries. There is no need to worry about running out of power, recharging it, or looking for specialty replacement batteries.

You can always rush to the nearest convenience or hardware stores to buy replacement and/or backup batteries!

With 16 correction levels and a 300-yard range, you will surely get the right one for your dog without any hassle. For further convenience, there are three different buttons in different colors. These are as follows:

  • Collar Tone;
  • Shock Correction; and
  • Vibration Correction

Then, the remote features a belt clip and a wrist lanyard, allowing you to secure it in your possession at all times. With the LCD screen, you get a glimpse of the environment.

You may also take confidence in the lifetime warranty that comes with this item. Should you encounter any problem with it in the future, you just have to contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

This product is perfect for dogs with neck sizes of 7” to 27”.


  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • LCD screen
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Difficult to use at night or in low-light conditions

3. Dogtek Bark Control Collar - Best Lightweight Anti-Bark Device

This best anti-bark device takes pride in safety and efficacy. It combines sound beeps with optional static impulses. This means that you have more options when correcting your dog’s behavior.

The static impulses come handy once your pet becomes uncontrollably aggressive.It provides an efficient training experience for your dog, thanks to humane and simple corrections that really address excessive barking. With three adjustable modes and warning beeps, it is easier for you to determine the exact stimulus your pet needs.

The Dogtek Bark Control Collar senses the vibrations caused by your pet’s barking and not the actual barking sound. As a result, external barking or noises will not trigger the device. If the pet of your neighbor barks, it will not send unnecessary signals to your pet. Such feature is important to give your pet an optimized training through which he or she can really learn how to respond properly.

Moreover, this item is lightweight and waterproof, allowing you to enjoy your experience with it without restrictions. You can bring it anywhere you go, be it to the park, beach, or an out-of-town trip with your four-legged best friend.


  • Lightweight and water-resistant


  • Inconsistent correction

4. Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Collar Citronella Anti-Bark Training Collar - Best Anti-Bark Device with Citronella Spray

As a spray anti-bark device, the Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Collar Citronella Anti-Bark Training Collar boasts with an effective, humane, and safe correction. With a 6V 4LR44 alkaline battery, it controls your pet’s barking by emitting a short burst of citronella spray.

In addition, it is able to distinguish your dog’s barking from noises in the environment he or she is in. The burst of citronella spray is only released if and only if both your pet’s vocal chords vibrations and the bark sound fall under the same criteria or have the same profiles. The barking of other dogs will not trigger the device. So, you can count on its reliability at all times, wherever you and your pet may go.

The best thing about citronella is that it is not harmful for both us, humans, and our pets. It is simply a scent that dogs hate but nothing toxic about it. So, you can easily redirect your pet’s attention from whatever he or she is barking at.

With this type of device, it is a 100% guarantee that your pet will not suffer from pain. Shock may not be corrective for some dogs; it only increases aggression and anxiety. If your pet’s excessive barking habits are not that bad, you might want to start off with this alternative.

This product is perfect for dogs weighing at least 10 lbs.


  • Citronella spray


  • No alert warnings for low levels of and/or empty spray

5. GoodBoy Vibration Bark Collar - Best Eye-Catching Anti-Bark Device

As a vibration anti-bark device, the Goodboy Vibration Bark Collar assures to correct your dog’s barking habits without any distress or pain. In fact, it has seven sensitivity levels. Also, at its core is a 6V 4LR44 alkaline battery.

You can rely on it as it features a progressive correction stimulus that creates an association he or she understands well. Over time, the mechanism reduces and/or stops nuisance barking efficiently. Let us not forget that dogs are among the smartest animals. They easily get corrective patterns when employed regularly.

The combination sensing of noise and vibration has a consistent pattern. When it comes to the best anti-bark device, consistency is one of the first things you need to consider. Why? It makes the training of your pet more effective and more progressive.

Additionally, this device has a durable and sleek design. If aesthetic is one of the factors you consider in buying products for your pet, then this is a must-have. There are various vibrant color options to choose from. In fact, if budget is not an issue for you, it is worth it to get all colors.

Not only it is an eye-candy but also a long-lasting investment for your pet. The sensor and vibration unit is made from a solid, heavy-duty plastic. Meanwhile, the collar’s adjustable strap is made from breathable nylon.

This product is perfect for dogs weighing at least 8 lbs. and aged at least 6 months old.


  • Consistent and progressive correction
  • Durable materials
  • Various color options


  • Replaceable battery has a short lifespan

6. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe - Best Anti-Bark Device with a Compact Design

Designed with ergonomics in mind, this anti-bark device has a compact and lightweight design. Thanks to a slim, lithium-ion battery, you can bring it anywhere without inconvenience. This battery is also rechargeable and its life may last up to three months on full charge. If you are looking for a travel companion for you and your four-legged pal, this might be one of your best choices.

The Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe comes with the Tri-Tronics technology. It is able to determine your dog’s barking from other vocalizations. It detects the bark signals through throat vibrations.

Paw scratching, barking of other dogs, and other noises will not trigger the stimulus. So, you never have to worry about false corrections.

With integrated stainless steel contact points and a vibration option, your pet will learn to control his or her barking habits painlessly. You will not go wrong with its seven correction levels.

Then, there is also the Autorise technology, which provides an automatic setting. As soon as you get it out of the packaging, the correction starts at the lowest level. Gradually and automatically, the level increases. Of course, it all depends on your pet’s barking.

If you have your doubts about an automatic setting, there is also a manual option. The Built-in Bark Odometer helps you tell the effectiveness of the manual correction by recording the number of your pet’s barks.

Lastly, you may also personalize this item further with the following options:

  • ¾” polyurethane-coated accessory collars
  • ¾” woven nylon Lupine collars


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Tri-Tronics Technology
  • Autorise technology


  • Dog collar may slip easily

7. Pets Finest Anti-Bark Collar - Best Anti-Bark Device No-Shock

The Pets Finest Anti-Bark Collar has a comfortable fit that promotes the best interests of your dog. Even if his or her nuisance barking gets to your nerves at times, you still want him or her to be as comfortable as possible.

It provides an efficient, effortless, and reliable correction for excessive barking habit. That is all thanks to 6V 4A76 batteries. Also, there are two sizes to choose from. Simply speaking, it is suitable for all dog breeds of any age.

As a no-shock anti-bark device, it is harmless and induces no pain. It features a mechanism that fits perfectly against your pet’s throat and senses the vibrations caused by his or her barking.

This best anti-bark device begins the correction by releasing a continuous alarm sound after detecting the second bark. If the barking persists, it will respond with a gentle vibration, which shall signal your pet to stop barking. Eventually, your pet will understand that the vibration is a negative response to his or her excessive barking.

It is proven safe and effective as every unit undergoes rigorous third-party inspections during and after the manufacturing procedure. So, you can count on its compliance with high quality and standards.

This product is perfect for dogs weighing either 3 to 80 lbs. with the small size or 13 to 150 lbs. with the medium size.


  • No-shock
  • 2 size options


  • Easily fraying dog collar

8. PetSafe GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collar - Best Anti-Bark Device Puppy-Friendly

Today, most anti-bark devices in the market are not suitable for puppies given their increased sensitivity. For this reason, the PetSafe GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collar is truly a must-have.

Remember, it is a great idea to start pets early. In case you were wondering, puppies have the same tendencies to bark for no apparent reason as adult dogs. They may be adorable but they are not perfect. So, if you want to start yours young, I really recommend that you consider getting this one.

Powering this best anti-bark device is a 6V alkaline battery. It delivers gentle and immediate conditioning for your dog using harmless bursts of soft spray. Consequently, you may easily redirect his or her attention. Every refill provides 25 to 30 sprays that are hypoallergenic and stain-free. It might be costly in the long run but it is worth a shot, depending on your needs. So, if your pet is extremely sensitive, this is probably one of your very few options.

It is designed with a smart sound sensor that detects your pet’s barking and not those of other pets. Only the pet wearing the device will receive the stimulus. Hence, providing the right and necessary correction. Moreover, it is waterproof, allowing you to use it whenever, wherever, and whatever the weather is.



  • Suitable for puppies
  • Hypoallergenic and stain-free spray
  • Water-resistant
  • Random, unnecessary spray emissions

9. AGPtek Rechargeable Wireless LCD Digital Dog Training Shock Collar with 100LV of Shock & Vibration, Remote Control - Best Anti-Bark Device with 100 Levels

For a more intuitive dog training experience, you should consider getting the AGPtek Rechargeable Wireless LCD Digital Dog Training Shock Collar with 100LV of Shock & Vibration, Remote Control. It is highly recommended for extremely aggressive dogs. If you have exhausted all available alternatives for your pet and he or she still does not respond properly, you might want to check this out.

With 100 different levels of static and vibration to choose from, you will surely achieve desirable results after a certain training period. You just need to use the up and down buttons to adjust the correction level. This anti-bark device has an easy-to-read LCD, which displays the current level applied. By desirable results, we mean your pet being able to control his or her barking and having reduced aggression.

All things said, your pet will become more disciplined regardless of how anxious he has been. He or she will know how and when to respond to various stimuli.

For a worry-free experience, you can rely on more than 3,000 identity codes that prevent conflict with other anti-bark devices. It is rest-assured that both your transmitter and dog collar will remain in sync with each other at all times in any environment. It is also worth mentioning that it comes with a rechargeable battery.



  • LCD screen
  • Optimized Synchronization
  • Rechargeable battery
  • May not be long-lasting

10. Our K9 Superior Bark Collar - Best Small-Breed-Dog-Friendly Anti-Bark Device

More often than not, small breed dogs are highly sensitive. It is for this exact reason that only a few anti-bark devices are suitable for them. So, when you find one, you must really consider buying it.

The Our K9 Superior Bark Collar is one of those few we are talking about. It is crafted for the benefit of small breed dogs, training them how to respond to corrective stimuli. If you are worried, here is the good news: it does not cause pain ans features seven sensitivity levels.

This best anti-bark device combines beep and vibration. Overall, it promotes safe training for your dog. External noises and the barking of other dogs do not trigger it. It sends off warnings after two barks. With three, the correction increases automatically.

With consistent and progressive correction, you may expect normal behavior as an end result. Your pet will grow up knowing how to control his or her barking.

Aside from being lightweight and water-resistant, it is also easy to use. It requires no programming and has a lithium-ion battery. It is all-set as soon as you get it out of the packaging. Additionally, its prongs come with an updated, rounded design. Your pet will no longer struggle with the traditional pointy, painful prongs.

This product is perfect for dogs weighing 5 to 35 lbs.



  • Suitable for small breed dogs
  • Consistent and progressive correction
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Rounded prongs
  • May not be effective for “smart” dogs

Types of Anti-Bark Devices

1. Shock or Static Anti-Bark Device

A shock anti-bark device emits small jolts of electric shock to send a message to your dog. If he or she barks, he or she will get a taste of the shock. Consequently, your pet will control his or her barking to avoid the unpleasant experience.

Since it likely induces pain, this type of bark controller is only advisable for extremely aggressive dogs. These dogs usually do not respond to light corrections.

It goes without saying that it can be harmful for pets. So, you should only use it with the help of a professional trainer. Of course, it is better if you are a professional trainer yourself. This is the case for older models.

best anti-bark device-1

Photo credit: PDPics on Pixabay

Today, as modern technology have progressed, a shock anti-bark device has received improvements as well. Accordingly, they now have mild configurations suitable for all dogs. Instead of a painful electric shock, it surprises your pet with a light static stimulus.

Many next-generation models come with contact points or probes. These deliver gentle stimulations that redirect the attention of our pets. Proper use will lead to a well-learned dog that knows how to respond.

2. Spray Anti-Bark Device

Since a spray anti-bark device uses a burst of spray as a negative stimulus, it is likely the safest one. However, of course, it may not be as effective as other types of bark controller.

The most commonly used is citronella spray. Dogs do not like the smell of citronella. Hence the negative association. However, there is no need to worry because it is completely safe for dogs.

3. Vibration Anti-Bark Device

To correct excessive barking, a vibration anti-bark device uses vibration instead of tingling electric shock or spray. Once it detects a nuisance barking from your dog, it vibrates to send a negative stimulus. The vibration catches your pet’s attention, effectively stopping the barking.

When used properly through a certain period of training, it can address your pet’s behavior completely. If you have your doubts about the use of static shock and spray, then this type of bark controller is your best bet.

When Should You Use an Anti-Bark Device?

When deciding whether your pet has to wear a bark controller or not, there are several factors you need to consider. To do this, you need to ask the right questions. These are as follows:

1. Is My Dog Barking Excessively?

Barking is not necessarily a dog’s bad habit. It is important to keep in mind that barking is his or her very means of communication.

If your pet is barking at a stranger or an unfamiliar object every once in a while, there is no need to worry. This is a dog’s normal reaction. This is a dog’s way of telling you something.

best anti-bark device-3

Photo by Rebekah Howell on Unsplash

​Now, if your dog is barking continuously and/or excessively that it becomes extremely annoying and noisy, that is the time you need to consider using an anti-bark device

​Regardless of the type of bark controller you will use, you need to use it correctly. Otherwise, it might just worsen your dog’s aggression and cause him or her distress. The goal here is to correct his or her unnecessary barking behavior and not to aggravate it.

​If using a certain type of bark controller does not yield desirable results, you might want to switch to a different type. Now, if you have exhausted all options and your pet still barks excessively, you need to bring him or her to a vet or a professional trainer. Professional opinion will let you understand the factors triggering your pet’s barking habits. More importantly, it will provide you with the right solution that works best for your pet.

2. Is The Bark Controller Proven Safe And Effective?

With many options available in the market today, choosing the best anti-bark device for your pet is a tough call to make. However, you will realize that it is as simple as picking other products for your pet.

First of all, avail one that complies with the highest of standards consistently. How will you know this? Well, like in most cases, you have to read customer reviews. Knowing other people’s actual experiences with the product you want to buy will help you determine if it is worth your money or not.

Since most products are sold online nowadays, shopping is made easier for wise consumers like you. These customer reviews are conveniently available 24/7 for you to dig in. You may find these on the following:

  • Manufacturers’ official websites;
  • Third party sellers’ websites; and
  • Product review website
best anti-bark device-2

Photo credit: Mandyme27 on Pixabay

Now, you need to be mindful when reading customer reviews. It is easy to write anything on the internet. You need to be cautious about fake ones. So, how do you distinguish a fake from a real one? Well, a fake customer review is likely to be an exaggeratedly positive one. Meanwhile, a good, real one likely presents believable stories that talk about both pros and cons.

Also, product labels are important indicators of quality. Is it made in the US? Is it certified by the proper agencies? Did it pass third party inspections? Is it manufactured in a trusted facility? Only the label can answer that.

Things to Remember When Using an Anti-Bark Device

Here are a few reminders when using a bark controller for your pet:

1. Make Sure That The Anti-Bark Collar Is Securely Fit

Always double check your dog’s anti-bark collar. It has to fit perfectly or else the device will not be able to deliver the stimulus properly. The contact points need to touch his or her skin for it to work effectively. The success of the correction depends heavily on how properly worn the collar is. More importantly, you have to make sure that your pet is comfortable with it.

Units with adjustable collars are preferable since they help you achieve the right fit. Check your device’s user manual for instructions on how to put and secure the collar on your pet. Keep in mind that it must never limit his or her range of motion.

2. Never Leave The Anti-Bark Collar On Your Dog Overnight

Make it a habit to remove the anti-bark collar from your dog’s neck every night. It is not advisable to leave it on for more than eight hours. Doing so might result in your pet being desensitized to correction as time goes by.

3. Never Leave Two Or More Dogs With Anti-Bark Collars Unsupervised.

There are some anti-bark devices that can train multiple dogs. It is convenient, especially if you have many dogs at home.

However, be mindful when simultaneously correcting the barking habits of your pets. Never leave them unsupervised for a long period. The device may malfunction. Worse, your pets may attack one another upon receiving the stimulus.

If you really need to leave them for a while with their anti-bark collars on, you need to keep them apart to prevent possible wild attacks.

To Sum It Up…

My choice: Educator ET-800

At first, you would think it is harmful since it is a shock anti-bark device. Nevertheless, I can assure you that it is safe and effective, especially for large breed dogs. With 100 stimulation levels and a maximum range of a mile, you will be able to correct your pet’s annoying behavior in no time.

This device also features a lot of useful technologies. The Lock and Set technology is my favorite because it stores the configuration that works best for my dog. Then, the Booster technology lets you raises the correction level should your dog bark excessively again. Short story told, it gives us a worry-free experience and our money’s worth.

There are three types of anti-bark device to choose from. These are as follows:

  • Shock anti-bark device, which uses static shock as a negative stimulus;
  • Spray anti-bark device, which uses burst of scent as a negative stimulus; and
  • Vibration anti-bark device, which uses continuous vibration as a negative stimulus.

When deciding whether your pet needs an anti-bark device or not, ask yourself, “is my dog barking excessively?” Then, when deciding which is the best product for your dog, ask yourself, “is this option proven safe and effective?”

Lastly, there are things you need to keep in mind when using an anti-bark device. By having all these things in check, you will be able to train your dog properly and eliminate excessive barking.

Hope that you have gained a new perspective about anti-bark devices. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. Do not forget to share this article as well!

Thanks for reading!

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