Best Filter for Goldfish: All the Things You Need To Know Is Here

When you think of buying a goldfish as a pet, you don't only purchase it, but you also have to do lots of things for keeping a goldfish safely and happily in the aquarium. One such important thing is the best filter for goldfish.

The right filtration of the water in the aquarium is essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of the goldfish. If the goldfish do not get proper filtration in the water, it becomes unable to flourish and will eventually turn out to be ill and pass away.

Going for the shopping for the best filter for goldfish can also be devastating and puzzling. But now you don't worry at all as you have landed on the right page here.

Below you can find the reviews of top 10 best filters for goldfish which we have prepared after doing in-depth study and research. We will also share with you the positive and negative aspects of all the products so that you can make a wise buying decision in the end.

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​Types of Filters for Goldfish

The following are the different types of filters for goldfish:

1. Power Filters

These types of filters for goldfish are one of the commonly and efficiently outer filters for the aquarium. Such filters can easily handle the chemical and the MECHANICAL FILTRATION. It can do the biological filtration after linking to a bio wheel. These filters are stress-free to maintain and install. It is best suitable for the medium sized tank.

2. Canister Filters

Such type of filters for goldfish is potent and best suited to the large size and medium size tanks. The water in these filters forced out in a filter mode. The capacity of the BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION can also get upsurge with the help of a bio-wheel. The drawback of this product is that it is hard to maintain and clean.

3. Diatomic Filters

These filters can clean out the water by removing the small dust particles from the water. These are appropriate for the tank where fine size particles exist that causes the formation of the diatomic algae.

4. Fluidized Bed Filters

This category of filters for goldfishes is handy biological filters. It utilizes the sand as a primary medium. It is best appropriate for all sizes of aquariums.

5. Sponge Filters

The next category of the filters for goldfish is of SPONGE FILTERS that do the mechanical and biological filtration. They rapidly get a block with surplus debris. It is best suitable for the aquariums with fry. The sponge quickly offers nitrifying bacteria inside the aquarium. It is generally used as an ancillary filter for aquarium and requires regular cleaning.

6. Trickle or Wet/Dry Filters

The trickle filters do the water exposing to the air by letting the water to trickle on the media comprising plastic balls, strands, or floss. Such filters get block quickly but with the pre-automatic filtration can decrease this issue. These are appropriate for the saltwater aquariums.

7. Under Gravel Filter (UGF)

UGF possess a plate filter that retain below a substrate. In this, an air pump pulls the water from the substrate in consort with the particulate. You can easily install the filter in the tank. In fact, it does not need much maintenance. But they incline to get quickly clog and is not apt for the aquarium having live floras.

Types of Filtration

The primary job of a filter for goldfish aquarium is to do the filtration of the water through a dynamic system. There are mainly three types of filtration:

1. Mechanical Filtration

It is a physical procedure in which the waste matter and the particles are taken out from the water of the fish tank.

2. Biological Filtration

In this, the beneficial bacteria break down the water’s ammonia. Later the Ammonia is transformed into the nitrate which is not harmful to the survival of fish. During the biological filtration, you have to keep an eye on the whole process so that no particles pass through the process of mechanical filtration.

3. Chemical Filtration

This water filtration does not have much significance in comparison to the other types of filtration. It does not influence the survival of a goldfish. You have to add the activated carbon in the tank for removing the organic pollutants that not eradicated during the mechanical or biological filtration. One main drawback of this filtration is that at the end of the carbon's lifespan lots of harmful bacteria is released which is very harmful.

Why Do You Require The Best Filter For Goldfish?

It is not necessary that you require the best filter for goldfish always. But it is an excellent way to keep the water of the tank change. It helps in removing the harmful toxins from the water and makes the water clean for the beautiful fishes in the tank.

Besides the right things, the bad things always follow!

The most significant downfall of the filter is that you have to carry some buckets always. It needs lots of water, effort and time. In fact, you also have to pay the bills which incurred in running the filters.

However, all these things are tiny as the filter is one of the economic and comfortable ways out to clean the water of the tank in the long run.

Important Things to Consider While Purchasing the Best Filter for Goldfish

It is imperative that while buying the best filter for goldfish, you should keep some vital things in the mind. Some of them are as follows:

1. Safe Filter

There are numerous filters on the market which needs regular cleaning so that the debris can remain out of it. If the waste (like white gunk and sludge) begins to grow inside the filter, then it can make the product quite toxic which can be very harmful to the goldfish.

2. No Strong Current

Some people have a thought in their mind for all the fishes that if there is more water flowing in the tank, then it means there is less oxygen available for the survival of bacteria.

Unluckily, this thought is wrong in case of a goldfish. The fins of the goldfish are long, and during the powerful water current, they find it little hostile for staying at one place. Thus, for a goldfish, you don't need a steady flow in the water as this can make the fishes stressed and ill soon.

3. Efficient

The primary purpose of the filter is not only to clear the water or catch the fish poop's particles. It must also eradicate the ammonia from the water so that beneficial bacteria can overgrow in it.

What Size Of The Best Filter For Goldfish Do I Need For My Fish Tank?

The size of the best filter for goldfish you required significantly influenced by fish tank's capacity. For example, if you are thinking to buy an aquarium of 100-gallon size, then the filter for 20-gallon size will not work for it.

Likewise, if you have an aquarium of 20-gallon size, then there is no requirement of buying a filter which works for 100 gallons water. In fact, your budget also plays a vital role in purchasing the right size of filter for goldfish. If you do not keep your fish correctly, then it can turn out to be very pricey for you.

You can buy a filter of decent size that works right for your aquarium water. The recommendation regarding the size of the tank provides on every filter. Thus you should read it before buying as every filter is not right for every tank.

You must focus on the packaging details of the filter and pick the filter which matches the water in your aquarium.

Top 10 The Best Filter for Goldfish

Reviews of 10 Best Filters for Goldfish

While searching the best filter for goldfish in the market, most of us come across many different options. In fact, it makes our selection very difficult and hard. Thus, to help you in this task, we have reviewed the below ten best filters for goldfish after doing an extensive study and research. While evaluating we have kept in mind the product effectiveness, uses, price and customer reviews.

So, let’s have a look!

1. Aquaclear Power Filter - 110 V – Best Filter For Goldfish With Refiltration System

Best Filter For Goldfish

The top name in our list is AquaClear Power Filter that comes with the refiltration system which provides greater contact time. It has a filter media as well as energy efficient pump that reduces the overall working expenses. It is effortless and quick to install this filter in the aquarium. In comparison to the other filters, the product volume of filtration is seven times larger.

The main highlights of this filter are Activated Carbon and AquaClear Foam. Its cycle guard and Biomax help in the continuous biological filtration so that the fish get high quality of water. The manufacturer of this product offers two years period of warranty on the product. It is perfect for the aquarium having the capacity up to 20 gallons.


  • It comes with the filtration media that is reusable
  • It has a very comprehensible design for the gentle usage
  • There are three types of filtering present in the product
  • It silently does the whole operation
  • It consumes very less power
  • The flow rate of the filter is incredible
  • You get two years long warranty period along with it


  • You have to do the cleaning of the propeller box in case of power outages
  • The dirty foam of the product has to get replaced after one week
  • Certain replaceable parts are troublesome to find

2. Aqueon Quietflow Led Pro Aquarium Power Filters - Best Filter For Goldfish With Extra Filter Pads

Best Filter For Goldfish

This filter for goldfish offers biological, chemical, mechanical filtration along with the additional support of the filter pads by Aqueon. The best feature of this product is the self-priming which automatically starts after the interruptions of power or during the cleaning. The flow rates certified for the correct circulation of water for better fish health.

There is a LED light along with the indicator which indicates at the time of need of replacement of the blocked cartridges by checking real water heights. The design of the internal pump benefits in reducing the noise and removing the leakages. It also enhances the clarity and quality of water in addition to the upsurge levels of oxygen.


  • The filtration system of the product has a multi-stage features
  • You get an automatic start pump with the self-priming for functioning during the interruptions of power
  • It runs very quietly with the diffuser grid and sound-inhibiting pump
  • It offers an enhanced biological filtration and water freshening
  • The LED indicator lets you know the time of changing the cartridge in the filter
  • It is effortless to do the setting of this filter
  • You can quickly do the maintenance of the filter


  • The filter cannot change its flow rate
  • The capacity of filtration is also small
  • It is quite tiny for accommodating specific stoneware rings for additional biological purification

3. Fluval External Filter - Best Filter For Goldfish With Instant-Prime System

Best Filter For Goldfish

The Fluval External Filter performs the multi-phase filtration to provide the fresh and healthy water in the aquariums. The flow rate of the filter is 1450 LPH. It is perfect for the aquariums that can store up to 100 gallons of water. It runs very quietly with the help of the sound reducing impeller design.

What we like more about this product is that it has an exceptional canister design of square-shaped which can hold 40 to 50 percent more water in comparison to the similar filters of same design and size. Such design let the water flow over a problematic cleansing track which makes the best use of filtration media’s contact. It also has accessible features like double layer foam screen, Instant-prime system, and block-proof consumption strainer. You get three years warranty period on this product while buying.


  • It has outstanding multi-stage filtration
  • The media baskets are quite large to use for filtration
  • The flow rate is adjustable and high
  • It runs very quietly during the operation
  • It is stress-free to install this filter
  • You can do the self-priming without the tap
  • It gets clean quickly, and the maintenance of the product is also low
  • You get a tremendous manual guide which gives the step-by-step instruction
  • It can hold 40 to 50 percent more water in comparison to the other filters


  • The price of the product is high in comparison to the other brands of canister filters
  • The textured hose of the filter is inclined to gathering debris.
  • You will find it tough to connect additional accessories like diffusers and in-line heaters with the filter
  • There is no spray bar for slowing down the flow

4. Eheim Classic External Canister Filter With Media - Best Filter For Goldfish With Tested And Verified Technology

Best Filter For Goldfish

This goldfish’s filter comes with the sealing band of Permo-elastic silicon that is attached to the head of the filter’s pump for stress-free and secure shutting after the process of cleaning. The equipment like loose filter media, valves, and filter sponges are also present in it. You get additional accessories like inlet pipe, spray bar, installation accessories and hose with the product. It has a robust construction with the high-quality materials.

It is a fabulous standard filter with tested and verified technology. It comes with the high level of efficiency that works incredibly for the huger systems. The automatic-natural purification attains in a single procedure with continuous water flow and concurrent oxygen development. The size of the filter is quite compact and originates along with a stable stand. It consumes very less energy while functioning.


  • It operates quietly without much consumption of the energy
  • The body of the product made from the long lasting and high-quality materials
  • The flow rate is adjustable and high
  • It originates with a pray bar for complete customization
  • The price of the product is also low in comparison to the other same filters
  • The biological filtration is outstanding with an enormous quantity of Substrate Pro
  • You can quickly do the assembling and disassembly of the filter
  • It supports the three categories of water filtration


  • There is no priming button on it, and thus you have to the priming of the filter on your own
  • You might find it difficult to maintain owing to the absence of particular media trays
  • The manual book’s instructions are not easy to understand

5. Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Bio-Wheel Power Filter - Best Filter For Goldfish With Two Filter Cartridges

Best Filter For Goldfish

It is a filter for goldfish that has a certified 400 GPH flow rate. It is a right product for all the aquariums having a size of 80 gallons. There is an innovative dual-pump design for superior filtration and flow. In fact, a capacity of the filter cartridge is also two times more than any other filter. It utilizes the two filter cartridges of Rite-Size E".

The company “Marineland’ believes in the revolution controls all the things we perform. This filter also equips with the finest and innovative aquarium technology that makes the filtration and flow efficiencies incomparable. The main features of the product are additional chemical filtration, double filter cartridge capacity, and wet/dry biological filtration. It can quickly filter the 400 gallons in one hour period.


  • The dual bio-wheels of the filter deliver the most significant biological filtration
  • It is equipped with the four filter pad slots to certify that entire water flows through the filtration media
  • The flow rate is adjustable and high
  • There is a flexible and extra-long intake tube given
  • It is quiet, lightweight, durable and efficient filter for goldfish to buy
  • You get one year warranty on the product
  • It gives you the dry and wet biological filtration both
  • The capacity of the filter cartridge is twice than any other filter
  • The innovative two-pump design delivers the most excellent filtration and flow


  • The quality of the Bio-Wheel is subtle
  • You cannot clean the bio-wheels with the tap water
  • Spray bars might get blocked with debris, stopping Bio-wheels from rotating.

6. Penn Plax Cascade 600 Submersible Aquarium Filter - Best Filter For Goldfish With Large Capacity

Best Filter For Goldfish

It is an entirely submersible filter for 20 to 50 gallons in size aquarium which silently supplies 175 gallons in every single hour. Your aquarium gets crystal clear and fresh water for your marine. It comprises the activated carbon container that eradicates damaging toxins, chemicals, stains, smells, and any pollutants from the aquarium.

Internal sponge optimizes colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria. Large capacity aquarium filter cup allows you to choose your filter medium. The pump of the filter gives directional and adjustable water flow. It not only provides chemical, physical and biological filtration but also does the water aeration. The spray bar of the filter let you dispense the water uniformly facilitating ventilation in the tank. You can place it in the horizontal position with complete hiding. There is a connector on the round shape directional flow spray where the flexible tube gets connected for driving the water sprays and any other fixtures.


  • The price of the filter is quite reasonable in comparison to the other brands
  • It is pre-encumbered with filter media for the quick set up
  • It runs very quietly during the functioning
  • The base of the filter is sturdy enough to survive any mishappening
  • It has fast-disconnect tubes connectors which can be used to regulate the flow rate of the filter
  • It can easily handle the tank of 200-gallon size
  • A 360-degree rotating valve accessory is also present


  • The media trays are tiny which might not work correctly during the filtration
  • It is little tricky to connect the tubes
  • It is hard to do the priming of the filter as lots of effort is required here

7. Bacto-Surge High-Density Foam Filter - Best Filter For Goldfish With No Noise

Best Filter For Goldfish

It is a Bacto-Surge high-density foam filter by the “Pay It Forward Pet Supply" which is entirely stress-free to install. The base of this filter for goldfish tank is weighted so that it remains steady and stable at one place. It manufactured from the high-quality foam that provides a long life for the product. There is lots of space which is produced by this filter for the growth of valuable bacteria. It constructs in quite a well manner, and you don't have to use the air stone here.

You will feel happy to know that this filter is an efficient and useful product which you can hide it easily behind some flowers or decorative items. It produces no noise at the time of operation. The water becomes bright and fine with its usage. You can quickly clean this reasonably priced product. You have to squeeze it below some tank's water. Don't forget that it is not advisable to use the tap water for doing the cleaning of this filter.


  • The filter made with high-quality foam
  • It has a weighted base, so it doesn't float
  • It has a big surface for the beneficial bacteria to grow
  • It silently functions and very easy to maintain


  • You can install an air pump for better performance
  • Some needed to add weight to keep it in place
  • However, as it’s reliable and well made, the sponge filter is an option for anyone going shopping on a tight budget

8. Pingkay 200 Gallon Filter Aquarium Tank Fish Canister 9W Sterilizer 525GPH - Best Filter For Goldfish With The Complete Kit

Best Filter For Goldfish

The next name on our list is of Pingkay Filter for goldfish that is perfect for the fish tanks of size up to 150 gallons. The flow rate of this filter is 525 GPH, i.e., 2000 Litre/hr. The power of the pump is 55 watts. It originates with the complete kit. There is an integrated UV sterilizer of 9 Watt that controls the algae-bacteria/microbes and stimulates the crystal clear water. The quick disconnect connector over the uppermost region (cover lid) let you detach the pipes through the canister filter without draining it. 

It can quickly adjust the flow with the help of the adapter lever. The trays or cases of filter might be filled distinctly and also possess the useful handles. The pre-filter fixed over the top holds granular dirt powerfully and extends the lifespan of materials of biological filter considerably. Five stages of filtration applied to this filter. The size of the filter is 11.5"x11.5"19" inches. You can adjust it in the big size tanks also.


  • There are fast disconnect connectors in it
  • It performs the UV Sterilization for eliminating the harmful algae bacteria/microbes
  • It can quickly do the filtration of tank size up to 200 gallons
  • It merely regulates the flow with the help of the adapter lever
  • There are five stages of filtration present in the filter


  • You can adjust the flow with the adaptor lever only

​9. Marina Power Filter - Best Filter For Goldfish With A Compact Design

Best Filter For Goldfish

The Marina power filter is suitable for the aquariums up to the size of 20 gallons. It has a self-priming feature which allows it to lift the water from certain level underneath the pump pressure without devising to fill the pressure pipes with water. It is quite easy to do the maintenance of this product. An adjustable controlling for flow is also present in the filter.

The main highlight of this filter for goldfish is its unique, slim and compact design which reduces the requirement of space behind the tank. The filter originates witha modifiable flow control for controlling the level of the water flow inside the tank. The motor of the filter immerses in the container for a noiseless process.

You can quickly start up the filtration process as there is no need of priming with it. The maintenance and installation of the filter are easy, quick and convenient. It consists of four filter cartridges: i.e., 2 Bio-Clear and 2 Bio-Carb. These cartridges comprise of Ceramitek that is fixed up to enhance biological filtration.


  • The design of the filter is compact and slim for the constricted gaps
  • The product’s quality retains the water clear and clean
  • Ceramitek brilliantly do the water’s biological filtration
  • The flow rate of the water is also adjustable
  • It starts up automatically
  • It operates quietly and smoothly without stressing the goldfish


  • The capacity of the filtration is inflexible and small for the other filter media
  • The cost of the cartridges on the market is also high

10. Lee'S 30 Premium Undergravel Filter, 12-Inch By 36-Inch – Best Filter For Goldfish With A Distinctive Mechanism

Best Filter For Goldfish

The last name on our list of 10 best filters for goldfish is Lee's 30 Premium Undergravel Filter. The plate size of the filter is quite large which reduces the requirement of more plates. Due to the additional power of the UGF plates and the clean design, this goldfish’s filter is more desired by aquarists of saltwater.

The size of the product is 12-inch by 36-inch. It also possesses a design of multi-level plate prepared from the exceptional quality plastic that repels piercing or cracking.

The best part about this filter is that it is proficient of naturally counterbalancing ammonia in the tank of fish owing to its unique mechanism of rotating up the stones couch into a natural filter. It benefits in promoting the development of the useful bacteria which do the detoxification in the tank. You also get some free cartridges with this product that helps you in removing the harmful toxins and odors from the container.


  • The design of the filter is smart which makes it easy for setting up
  • The instructions in the manual book also very clear
  • It is an efficient filter for goldfish whose ridges let the clear water flow
  • It manufactures from the high-quality material that makes the filter a sturdy product
  • It keeps the water smell free and crystal clear


  • You have to change the water weekly for a healthy and clean habitat for the goldfish
  • The filter tube's holes are massive that reduces the filtration's effectiveness

How To Install Your Best Filter For Goldfish?

When you buy a filter for goldfish, the very first thing you do is to take it out form the box and add the media filtration and fix it in the aquarium. After plugging in, the process of filtration will begin automatically. But for the technical-filtration, there are few more things which you have to do. It is not as easy as most of you think. But still, we will try to explain in your more easy and straightforward way.

Below you can find few steps by step instructions that will help you in doing the setting up of the best filter for goldfish technical-filtration:

Step 1: First of all unbox the canister filter
Step 2: Now, add the media of the filter in the filter quickly.
Step 3: It’s the time for adding the siphon in the tank. You have to fix it in the inlet and outlet of the filter.
Step 4: Then take the pump tube and fix it to the filters outside outlet.
Step 5: Now, plug in the filter and let it do the building up of the useful bacteria.

Final Word - Who Is The Real Champion?

So, here we reach the final destination of our article!

The type of filtration you select for your aquarium of the goldfish entirely depends on the category of the fish you have, your lifestyle and the requirements of the aquarium. It does not matter that which filter you pick for your goldfish tank, but it should be safe, efficient and robust. Your main priority should be your goldfish and then all the other essential things.

In the above article, we have reviewed the top 10 best filter for goldfish along with their pros and cons. All of them possess lots of significant features and aspects. But there is always one winner among all. Don’t you want to know who the real winner is?

Well! As per our experience, study and research, the real winner here are the AquaClear Power Filter. It is the best filter for goldfish with refiltration system that comes with the filtration media that is reusable. It has a very comprehensible design for the smooth usage. There are three types of filtering present in the product. It silently does the whole operation.

What we like more about the AquaClear Power Filter is that it consumes very less power. In fact, you get two years long warranty period along with it. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides all this, whatever product you pick for your goldfish from the above list, you surely are going to relish it. A healthy and right filter for goldfish will make your fish happy and away from illness.

We hope that you have enjoyed a lot throughout the whole article! Do we miss out anything? Then please let us know!

If you have any query regarding the above content then, please write to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you as soon as possible. Please share this article with all your friends if you find it informative and useful for your fish.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch with more informative articles for your pets!

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