Best Goldfish Food: Here Are The Top 10 Contenders! Update 2018

Nowadays everyone wants to have a pet in their home and goldfish as a pet is one of the best ideas. Goldfish is a beautiful aquatic animal that is not only adored by the adults but by the kids also.

However, the main issue to have goldfish at your place is the food which they eat. We know that most of us want to serve the best goldfish food to them but without any knowledge how you can pick the right product.

It is not easy to choose the high quality and best goldfish food among all the available options in the market. If somehow you pick the wrong product for your goldfish then this might ruin the fish's appetite. In fact, the wrong food can result in the death of the fish.

If you love your goldfish then, your priority should be to select the food which fulfills their daily nourishing necessities. Do you have any idea that which is the best goldfish food? Not yet?

There is no need to worry as here you will find all the answers to your question. In the below article, we have thoroughly reviewed the top ten best goldfish food. In fact, we will also provide you some essential tips and info that will help you in buying the right food for your goldfish.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Goldfish Food

Have you ever noticed that the goldfish does have teeth that locate in the throat?

Well! The teeth in the throat of the goldfish help them in chewing the food properly so that no choking or problem of indigestion happens. They do not have any stomach, and this makes them susceptible to the dangers of indigestion. So, if you do not buy the right food for your GOLDFISH then, this might cause lots of health issues to them.

The below are the essential things which you should consider while buying the best goldfish food:


Finding the size of the food is very important when you pick the best goldfish food. The size of the food should be adequate so that it does not make your fish choked. So, before buying any food for the fish, check the size of the flakes or the pellets properly. It must fit appropriately in the fish's mouth.


The food which goldfish eats provides them the proper nutrition for their survival. So, to have a long and healthy life, it is essential that the food which you give to your fish must have proper minerals and nutrients. In fact, the food which has proteins helps in increasing the growth rate in the fish. There should be no suspicious elements and fillings present inside the food.

No Artificial Flavors

There should be no artificial colors or flavors in the goldfish food as it can persuade harmful effects to the goldfish’s body.

Easy To Digest

The goldfish food should quickly get absorbed into the fish's body. It aids in the quick digestion also. You should not forget that goldfish do not have the stomach so their food must be easy to swallow and digest.


You should pick the food which does not create more waste in the water. It should also do not generate any coloration or cloud in the water.

What Are The Dietary Requirements Of A Goldfish?

The goldfish are the HERBIVORES animals which have organic plants as their primary diet food. They are also omnivores to some extent as they are too small east shrimps, fish, and tiny insects.

The diet of the goldfish must not comprise of the more than 40 percent proteins. If the protein in the food is more than this range, then it might make your fish sick.

You should not keep on feeding the same goldfish kind of food for the very long time. You need to serve with different varieties of food after few days gap. It helps them in meeting their nutritional needs more efficiently. They also get all the nutrients and vitamins which they require for being healthy.

What Kinds of Food Do Goldfish Eat?

The following are the different types of goldfish food which makes the fish healthy and satisfied:


The flakes are the most commonly used goldfish food that people feed to the fishes. In fact, goldfish like the flakes a lot. This food effortlessly floats over the water, and this makes the fish easily catch it before sinking into the water. The flakes are readily available at any pet shop.

The flakes are the most commonly used goldfish food that people feed to the fishes. In fact, goldfish like the flakes a lot. This food effortlessly floats over the water, and this makes the fish easily catch it before sinking into the water. The flakes are readily available at any pet shop.


It is one more goldfish food which fish eat. It is a quick and easy meal that you can feed to your goldfish. You can buy it easily at any pet retail shop. Pellets are specially formulated food for the goldfish which efficiently helps them in meeting their dietary necessities. But the pellets are significant and thus your fish should also be big enough to eat this food. A small fish cannot eat this food easily.

You should remember that pellets do not flat quickly over the water like flakes as they tend to sink rapidly into the water. It means that the goldfish find it difficult to catch such food. Since this food soon falls into the water, there are high chances of water pollution also. But few pellets come with the free features.

Live Foods

The goldfish can also eat the live foods like daphnia, glass worms, tubifex worms, and snails. These foods are excellent alternatives to the flakes and pellets. Since such foods are the very good source of protein, you cannot give it your fish for more than three times in a week.

Some of you might have significant size goldfish in the tank. You can feed small size goldfish to such fishes. But small goldfish might comprise of some diseases which can make your fishes sick. So, live foods like shrimps, worms, and daphnia do not contain any disease usually, and thus you can save your fish from getting sick also.

Frozen or Freeze Dried Foods

The FROZEN FOOD are the very good substitute for the conventional goldfish food. They are same as the live foods, but these foods are in frozen. These foods also have lots of protein, so you cannot feed it more than three times in a week to the goldfish.

The frozen food for the goldfish is costly than the live feeds, but you can stay stress-free as it does not contain any diseases in it. But one thing you should keep in your mind that the frozen foods need to get the break in smaller pieces before feeding it to the goldfish. The freeze-dried foods might include brine shrimp, tubifex worms, blood worms, plankton, krill, Mysis shrimp, daphnia, and Cyclops.

Plant Matter

You can also give your goldfish the live matter of plants. The goldfish are primary herbivore animals that can eat flowers and vegetables in their diet instead of the pellets of flakes. So, along with the protein food like pellets and live foods, should also feed your goldfish plant matter. These foods also provide them some essential nutrients which need for their proper growth.

As we have told you earlier that goldfish do not have stomachs. Thus when they eat plant matter, it helps them in digesting their other food efficiently. The plant-based foods for the goldfish include the boiled broccoli, frozen zucchini, frozen peas, etc.

Is Goldfish Food Entirely Dissimilar To Other Fish Food?

The goldfish food comprises of the more carbohydrates and less protein in comparison to the other foods for the fishes. The goldfish foods have all the dietary requirements of the goldfish which you do not get from any simple fish food. The goldfish should eat those foods only which provide them adequate nutrients.

The goldfish food might include flakes, pellets, plant matter or live foods. You can either give any of the above food or the mixture of any two foods to your goldfish.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Goldfish Food





Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack - The Editor's Choice

1.81 pounds


TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food


Consists of highly nutritious ingredients along with minerals, Vitamins

Hikari 10.5-Ounce Oranda Gold Floating Pellets for Pets

11.2 ounces

Vitamin A,C,D3, and E

Advanced Nutrition Flake Goldfish Food

6.9 ounces

Wheat Flour,Potato Starch, Rice Flour, De-Hulled Soybean Meal, Fish Oil, Shrimp Meal etc.

Aqueon Goldfish Flakes

10.4 ounces

Whole Fish Meal (Whole Salmon, Herring & Other Mixed Fishes), Soybean Meal, Whole Wheat Flour, Spirulina, Fish Oil etc.

Ten Pond Pellets Fish Food

5.39 pounds

Soybean Meal, Fish Meal, Ground Corn, Wheat Middlings, Corn Gluten Meal, Ground Wheat etc.

Hikari Usa Inc AHK42553 Saki Goldfish 7.0 -Ounce

7.2 ounces


New Life Spectrum Sinking Food

6.1 ounces

All Natural Ingredients

Laguna All Season Goldfish & Koi Floating Food

2.2 pounds

Minerals, Vitamins and amino acids

Omega One Goldfish Medium Pellets

2.72 ounces

Suitable for Healthy Immune Systems and Long Life

There are so many different types of goldfish food that you can find in the market. But choosing the right product is a very hectic task to do.

To help you in this task we have reviewed the ten best goldfish food after doing an in-depth study and research. We have tried our best to cover every aspect of all the products so that you can have a real picture of the goldfish food in your mind before buying.

1. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack Classic Mix –Tasty Food For Your Goldfish - The Editor's Choice

The top name on our list is of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack. It is the goldfish crackers that are not only tasty but also cherished by the fish a lot. It comes in the variety packs that work perfectly for the individual fish. It comprises of the 12 packets of the goldfish cheddar that bake with the help of the real cheese. It also includes the ten packs of the goldfish colors that prepares from the plants and real cheese.

What we like more about this product that there is no use of artificial preservatives and flavors while making this product. When you have this goldfish food in your home then, there is no need to worry about your fish hunger at any time.


  • This goldfish food does not make your water at all
  • It comprises of the exceptional formula that makes best use of its nutritional absorption
  • Improving the immune system of the goldfish
  • Tempting and chewable goldfish food
  • It manufactures through the natural ingredients


  • It sinks into the water quite quickly
  • The size of the food is minimal which sometimes did not get noticed by the fish

2. TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food- Easily Digestible Food

The next name on our list is of TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food. It is one of the regular extravagant foods for every goldfish. The best part about this goldfish food is that it does not make the water of the aquarium muddy. Furthermore, the flakes inside the food comprise of the smooth forms so that your goldfish can easily chew the food. It is also one of the healthy food options for your fish.

This goldfish food provides an excellent nutrition balanced diet that is impeccable for all the fishes. It is scientifically made flake mixture that comprises of extremely healthful constituents like minerals, vitamins, and trace components. It also has the patented ProCare that support the health of the immune system of the fish for an elongated and cheerful life. Since it is quite easy to digest this food, there are no chances of the unclear water of the aquarium.


  • It consists of the all kind of nutritional ingredients that are needed by the goldfish
  • The unique blend of the product has omega three fatty acids that keep the heart of the fish healthy
  • Does not make the water of the aquarium dirty
  • It is effortless to digest food
  • It remains firm but easily chewed by the fish


  • It looks like an oily goldfish food
  • The size of the flakes is significant for the goldfish

3. Hikari 10.5-Ounce Oranda Gold Floating Pellets for Pets, Mini - High in stabilized Vitamin C

It is one more goldfish food that every fish enjoys. Besides being the delicious food, this product possesses the other alga that helps in promoting the healthy growth of the goldfish. One best thing about the product is that it does not comprise of the large quantity of the protein and thus keep your fish safe from the problem of overdosing.

You will love to know that this product is easy to digest and it will not turn into waste by your fish. You can check the number of floating pellets that are consumed by your fish quickly. It is also quite high in the steadied vitamin C. The other vitamins like E, A & D3 even add to it. The colors of the food do not fade away soon. Besides the goldfish, it can also consume by the premium grade fishes like Orinda, Azumanishiki, Lion head, and Ranchu.


  • It consists of the balanced amount of the protein
  • It has all the essential minerals as well as vitamins
  • The colors of the food attract the fish towards it
  • There is no emission of the foul odor from the food
  • Does not make the water of the aquarium dirty


  • It is not the right goldfish food for the big size tanks as the flakes in the product are of minimal size
  • The colors of the food might get diffuse into the water

4. Advanced Nutrition Flake Goldfish Food - Rich in Amino Acids

There is one more fantastic goldfish food that you can buy from the market, i.e., Advanced Nutrition Flake Goldfish Food. Every single granule of the food comprises of the essential amino acids that help in the healthy development of your fish body parts.

Even if your fish eat this food in large quantity, there will be no issue of the overdose. This goldfish food possesses an exceptional formula that decreases the amount of the fish's waste. It is the only food for the goldfish which gives a perfect balance of the essential amino acids which the fish needs without over-adding protein. It specially designs for maximizing the utilization of the protein so that no extra waste produced by the fish in the water tank.


  • Does not make the water of the aquarium cloudy
  • Does not over-increase your goldfish with more quantity of protein
  • Quickly notice in the tank
  • It is very tempting food for the goldfish
  • It comprises of all the essential nutrients and vitamins
  • It does not emit the odor


  • It sinks in the water quite fast in comparison to the other goldfish foods
  • It comes in the big size which is not appropriate for the small size fishes

5. Aqueon Goldfish Flakes - Balanced Nutrition For Daily Feeding Of Goldfish And Other Fish

This goldfish food gives your fish a balanced nutrition that it required in its daily feed. It comprises of some excellent natural ingredients as well as colors along with the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that give healthy diet to your fish. The manufacturer of the product guarantees that your aquatic pal will stay fit and joyful with this diet.

What we like more about this product is that it adequately supports the immune system of the fish to make it healthy. It helps in giving your goldfish its accurate and vibrant colors. If you feed them this food in small quantities then undoubtedly your fish will consume it in less than the period of two minutes. The formula of the product has some exceptional formulation that helps in making proper utilization of the food which your goldfish eats and also benefits in making less waste in the water.


  • It is a delicious goldfish food which quite tempts for the goldfish
  • Help in improving the immune system of the goldfish
  • It creates very less waste
  • It has lots of essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins which aids in the healthy growth of the fish
  • It is entirely compatible with all types of fish including the goldfish


  • The flakes of the food are quite flimsy
  • It is optimum for the small fishes

6. Ten Pond Pellets Fish Food - Nutritionally Balanced Food

The Ten Pond Pellets Fish Food is perfect for those goldfish that are energetic and not lazy. This food efficiently helps them in replenishing and maximizing the fish's energy requirements. You will love to know that this product comprises of the balanced formula which delivers the fish the right quantity of nourishment that it requires.

The best part about this product is that it is quite easy to see this food in the water by the fish when you dip it in the tank. It helps in the avoidance of the wastage of the food also. It formulates for all types of fishes that have high energy needs. You should feed this food to your fish in the desired quantity. It is better if you remove the uneaten food before the next feeding time. You can feed it two times a day this food to the fish.


  • It is specially formulated goldfish food that perfectly matches the energy requirements of your goldfish
  • Does not create any mess in the water of your fish tank
  • All the ingredients in the product are natural and healthy
  • Does not lead to the overdose issues


  • The size of the food is quite significant for the small fishes like goldfish or koi
  • The pellets look decidedly stiffer than the other types of goldfish food

7. Hikari Usa Inc Ahk42553 Saki Goldfish 7.0 –Ounce – Increase Immunity To Infectious Disease

It is the Japan manufactured goldfish food that is a perfect delicacy for all the aquarium pets like goldfish. The main thing which makes this food entirely dissimilar from the other goldfish food is its taste and the outstanding properties. There are so many people around the world who use this product for making their fish healthy due to the efficient results.

The main highlight of this goldfish food is that the dipping rate of the bits is just adequate. It means your goldfish will quickly catch the food before it sinks down into the water. There are so many benefits which your fish gets from this food like improved growth and proper digestion. Besides this, it also reduces the stress in the fishes and also develops their immunity towards the contagious disease.


  • It has very moderate speed of the sinking in the water
  • This food wholly love by the goldfish
  • Does not make the water of the tank cloudy
  • It is healthy goldfish food which improves the immune system of the fish
  • Does not possess any foul smell


  • The granules of the product are tiny
  • It is little expensive goldfish food in comparison to the other products

8. New Life Spectrum Sinking Food, 125G/1Mm - Balanced Diet That Boosts Immune System

The eighth product on our list of best goldfish food is New Life Spectrum Sinking Food. It is the highly recommended goldfish food that makes them feel full and healthy. It currently introduces in the market after undergoing numerous tests to reassure the product's safety.

The best thing about this product is that it offers a balanced diet to your goldfish which it needs. In fact, there is no issue of the overdosing of the fish with the proteins in it. It comprises of the natural and color augmenting ingredients that help you in improving the immune system. This goldfish food also benefits in increasing the whole spectrum of the goldfish’s color.


  • The colors of the food are natural
  • The pellets in the diet do not get sink quickly in the water
  • Does not make the water of the aquarium cloudy
  • It can release the entire colors of the goldfish
  • It is a completely safe and healthy food


  • The sinking speed of the food is very slow
  • The pellets of the food is perfect for the small size fish only

9. Laguna All Season Goldfish & Koi Floating Food - Great For All Pond Fish

This goldfish food does not contain any colors in it. It means that this product is 100 percent safe and natural to use. The formulation of the food has also got the certification from the laboratories for its practical results. It has the perfect blend of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It consists of the minimum of 32 percent protein that your goldfish requires in the warmer months. You can feed this food 3 to 4 times to your fish.

You will be happy to know that if you feed this food to your fish then, your fish will get a complete balanced diet, especially during the summer months. It quickly gets softens in the stomach and also gets digested quite quickly. You do not have to worry about the cloudy water if you give this food to your fish. The medium size pellet in the food is ideal for any fishes. But don't forget to store this food in the dry place under the temperature of 38 degrees C for long shelf life.


  • Does not create any waste in the water and thus keep the water in the tank clean
  • There are no artificial ingredients and colors in the goldfish food
  • It is a perfect food for the growing goldfish
  • It has all the essential nutrients for fish


  • It can make your goldfish hungrier
  • It is not right food for small size fish

10. Omega One Goldfish Medium Pellets 8oz - Suitable for Healthy Immune Systems And Long Life

The last and final product on our list is Omega One Goldfish Medium Pellets. It is also one more natural colored goldfish food that comprises of the beta-carotene ingredients. There are no GMOs in this food. It means that this food is non-harmful for your fish. Moreover, all the ingredients in the food are MCS approved that assures that the product is entirely safe for the fish's consumption.

The main highlight of the product is that it has the natural and fresh fats that function as an excellent hunger stimulus as well as energy. It is very rich in the Omega 3 and omega six that makes the immune system of the fish stronger for longer times.


  • The Protein-binding structure of the food helps in the efficient protein absorption
  • All the ingredients are MSC-approved for the products’ safe consumption
  • Goldfish find this food very tempting to eat
  • It consists of the natural and fresh fats that stimulate the appetite of the goldfish
  • It has the omega 6 and omega three fatty acids that keep the fish healthy


  • The pellets in the food are very hard
  • It sinks quickly in the water of the tank
  • It creates white and wispy film over the water

How Much Food Should The Goldfish Eat?

One of the most common questions which come to the mind of every goldfish owner is that how much food the goldfish should eats. They do not know exactly that how much quantity of the food they should give to their fish. So, in case of improper knowledge when they feed more food to the goldfish, it makes their fishes overweight, sick and sluggish.

How will you know that you have fed enough food to your goldfish?

​The best way to know that your fish have eaten enough is that if the belly of the fish has become bulge and appearing very sluggish while looking at the food then, it means they have eaten enough food for now.

The best way to know that your fish have eaten enough is that if the belly of the fish has become bulge and appearing very sluggish while looking at the food then, it means they have eaten enough food for now.

One more thing you should be aware is that if you do not know that whether your fish have eaten enough or not, you should feed them little less. Your goldfish should not spend more than six minutes in the whole day on eating.

​The goldfish do not have stomachs and thus to keep them safe from the overeating problem you should feed them three times in the day and every time the session of feeding should not be more than two minutes. Even if you see that your fish is begging for more food, don't give them beyond the above-suggested limit.

The goldfish do not use their brains while eating. So, it does not matter to them how much you feed them. They will eat the entire food that you offer them. So, you should know that where you have to stop your hand while feeding your fish. If you do not over-feed them, then no problem of overeating will happen. You should follow a strict and prompt diet schedule for the goldfish always.

What Types Of Food Can Goldfish Eat In Addition To The Goldfish Food?

The people serve their goldfish the common generic foods like FLAKES AND PELLETS. But when you feed these foods on a regular basis, it makes a very dull thing to do. So, what are the other types of food that your goldfish can eat in addition to the goldfish food?

We have already told you that goldfishes are omnivore's animals that do not come in the category of the carnivores or herbivores. So, they required some quantity of protein also in their diet which they can get from the plant-based foods.

You can also give them the boiled veggies like spinach, lettuce, garlic, and peas. Besides this, the goldfish oats is also an excellent option instead of the flakes which have lots of fiber. You can provide live foods like worms and snails (chopped or whole) to the goldfish which are delicious foods that fulfill the protein requirements in your body.

How Long Can Goldfish Survive Without The Food?

Sometimes we have to go outside on some business trip or spending holidays. In such situation, it becomes challenging to look after the feeding of your goldfish. Then, what you should do in such case?

You can buy an automated feeder for the fish which will offer a proper quantity of the food to your goldfish after a specified amount of time. But, if some fault arises in your feeder then, it might not feed the proper amount of food to the fish. So, these things can work for the temporary period and not for longer times.

You should know that the goldfish can easily live for a long time without consuming any food. So, if you are going out for around two weeks then, you may leave your fish without the food. It will not harm their health.

But if your trip is for more than two weeks then, you should ask your relative or friend to feed your fish in your absence. You should tell them about the type of the food, quantity of the food which you serve to the goldfish and on what time they should serve them.

Final Thought - Want To Know The Winner Name?

To conclude, we just want to say that the best goldfish food not only provides proper nutrition to the fish but also helps them in growing correctly. It plays a significant role in making them live longer. Thus, you should try to serve them in different foods after some span of time.

In the above buying guide, we have reviewed the top 10 goldfish food, but as per our experience and study, the clear winner here is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack Classic Mix. It is the best goldfish food which does not make the water of the tank foggy. It also comprises of the exceptional formula that makes best use of its nutritional absorption.

The best part about the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack Classic Mix is that it helps in improving the immune system of the goldfish. The fish quickly chew and digest this food. In short, it is a highly recommended goldfish food which encourages healthy growth in the fish.

In the end, we just want to say that whatever product you pick for your pet from the above list your fish will surely like it!

We hope that you like our above article. If you have any doubt then, you may write to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you soon. You can also share this article with all your near and dear ones who are searching for the best goldfish food.

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