Can Pets Help With Depression?

First of all, owning any pet can turn out to be fun and comforting, but only for those folks that value animals. There's nothing intrinsic about owning a pet that will yield good results on its own.

I have a good friend that is a great clinical psychiatrist, Chicago. He's totally baffled by my owning three dogs. There's just nothing about owning labrador retrievers or any other pet which makes sense to him at all.

Secondly, before you buy a pet, you need to think about the various expenses that are associated with doing this. It's going to involve more than food, since you'll also have to take care of grooming as well as well as veterinary bills.

Thirdly, some animals that people own are so big that boarding fees come into play. I know of a number of people that own horses, which is not cheap.

Fourthly, the specific pet breed in question is of enormous importance. Not every dog or cat will be the best breed for someone. Pet breeds vary based on their durability, aggressiveness, and temperament.

At a human society or pound, you might find many worthy cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies you can pick from. These aren't likely to be pure-breed animals, but it's still crucial that you pick something more friendly and less aggressive among the breeds available.

For instance, among kittens, anything involving a Siamese mixture is more likely to get quite friendly. In terms of puppies, backgrounds in golden retrievers and labradors usually have good-natured and friendly temperaments.

Fifth, a part of the selection process in picking any pet is seeing how they specifically respond when you get the chance to spend time with them in the pen. Both pet shops and the Humane Society let possible owners interact with potential pets. Generally, dogs and cats that approach you and would like to play will make friendlier pets and can be fun to share your home with. Anyone who hides or doesn't seem approachable isn't as likely to make good home companions.

My Dog Preferences

Dogs have a number of advantages that other kinds of pets don't. Since dogs need to get walked a number of times each day, it forces their owners to leave their homes.

Once you get out of the house with your dog, you'll inevitably get some attention. There's always someone who stops to pet your dog, chat a bit, or ask questions.

Some people actually manage to find ways to walk their cats, and I've known a few of them. Horses are naturally outdoor creatures which also associate with socialization, since they need to be boarded, which often involves interactions with others.

On the other hand, dogs belong in a category all their own for living naturally and easily at home with an owner. The need for walks and how it relates to socializing with others can help someone connect with other dog owners and even those that don't.

The Upsides Of Pet Ownership

There's a lot of research, as well as anecdotal evidence, showing how people can benefit from pet ownership.

  1. Depression And Socialization: The state of depression usually brings about a tendency for self-isolation. Dog ownership reverses that since it gets people to go out walking.
  2. Less Anxiety: Many people who have phobic or anxiety disorders might not feel comfortable around a lot of other people. Having a dog's companionship typically reduces this greatly. This sort of comfort builds up self-confidence for anyone anxious about heading out into the big bad world around them.
  3. Love: Dog owners and their dogs form invaluable bonds and connections. This bonding centers around a mutual relationship where the owner and pet give each other nurturing and love.
  4. Health: Stroking or petting a cat or dog is a tactile sensation that reduces anxiety. Some reports even suggest it lowers blood pressure.
  5. Family And Kids: Owning a pet isn't just great for someone living alone, but also a whole family. Cats, dogs, and even other pets become members of the family, and a lot of their interactions will involve children, siblings, and parents while they actually compete to see who loves, feeds, and cares for the pet. Pet ownership also teaches kids life skills and values like the responsibilities of feeding and care.
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