How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee?

Whenever you go out of your house leaving behind your dog at home alone for a long day then, have you ever wondered that how long can dogs hold their pee?

Many dog owners must face this situation one or the other day when they have to go out for a few hours. Leaving your favorite dog alone in the home for 4, 6 or 8 hours is a justified thing to do? Is it okay for them holding their pee for a more extended period? We know nobody wants their pet to get stuck in this situation, but sometimes something is not in our hand.

Holding the pee by the dog for long duration can be very dangerous. But if you want to know more than for how long your dog will be fine holding its pee then, you need to read the below article for sure.

In the below article, we will share with all the helpful info about the bathroom habits of the dogs and also tell you what to do if you stuck in some unplanned situation.

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee Generally?

To know about the duration for which the dog can hold its urine, you can follow a very simple rule. Dogs might hold their feces or pee for around 1 hour for each month of their age, and the maximum limit of holding their pee is approximately 8 hours.

One of the essential thing at which you need to pay attention is the signs of any accidents or nervousness inside your canine. If the dog is facing any of such things then, it means that they are required to be released for the usage of bathroom more frequently. You must certify that your pet moves outdoor for doing the pee at least three to five times in a single day.

On the other hand, there are few notable exceptions to the above instruction. Let's say, if the dog lacks the house training then, it shall not hold the pee for time inside. Moreover, if the dog is becoming more active in its growing age then, it will not be possible for the dog to hold the pee for the longest time in comparison to the time when they were young.

Moreover, there might be dissimilarity amongst the breeds. Certain active breeds of the dogs which are bigger might be able to hold the urine for around 10 hours to 12 hours without any problems. It might be influenced by your particular dog, their health condition, their breed, and several other aspects.

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How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee

How Frequently Must Dog Pee?

Since now you know that how long the dog can hold their pee, now it's our duty to tell you that how frequently your healthy dog can pass the urine.

The dogs that are healthy mean those do not have any health disorders must pass the pee in each 8 to 10 hours. Besides this, the other factors that affect the frequency of urine are sex, age, health issues and size of the body.

On the other hand, if your dog belongs to a small size breed or maybe young then, it must pee more frequently than the period of 10 hours.

How Many Times Should A Dog Be Let Outdoor For Going To The Urinating?

The dogs must move outdoor for around 3 to 5 times a day at least. The dog might inform the owner that they have to move outdoor more frequently. However, if your dog is not so much trained to inform you then, you must let it out for some time so that they get the option to release their bladders.

Is It Unsafe If The Dog Hold Its Pee For Very Long Time?

Yes, holding the pee for a very long time can be very dangerous for your dog. All those dogs who are well trained shall attempt to keep the urine till the time they move outside, although you are coming back to the home very late.

Canines that need to hold their urine regularly are more prone to the higher danger of urinary stones and UTI (urinary tract infections). Furthermore, are certain personswho speculate that dogs may be an additional danger of some types of cancers as of the interaction amongst the cells and the urine inside the body.

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What Are the Symptoms of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) In Dogs?

All those owners who are more worried regarding their dog undergoing the urinary must keep their eyes open for the symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection).

You should look after that how many times your dog make the use of your bathroom while living in the home. Moreover, you should also become alert for the common symptoms of UTI (urinary tract infections). The following are the most common symptoms of the urinary issues in the dogs:

  • Requiring to do the pee more often
  • Facing the accidents in the house
  • Devising blood or fluid inside the pee
  • Look like in discomfort while peeing

If any of the above symptoms felt in your dog then, it's the time to make your dog met the veterinary doctor. Even though there are specific at-home cures for urinary issues, but still you should not ignore any of the symptoms. Sometimes any symptom might be a primary sign of a more significant problem. Thus it is every time good to get a complete examination at the veterinary health center.

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee

Solutions To The Usage Of Bathroom More Frequently By The Dogs

It is not possible for anyone of us to stay at home all the time. Sometimes we have to go out for an urgent piece of work, or on some occasions, we can't take out dogs with us.

If you don’t stay at your home more often and don't get the time to take your dog out frequently then, you may try the below solutions. It will help your dog to do the urine whenever they want.

Let’s talk about them!

1. Piddle Area

You might  arrange a particular zone for your canine where it can do the pee inside. Such sanitary spaces may help your dog in relieving themselves when they want

2. Doggy Door

If the pet requires extra consideration or sometimes if you are going far from your house for  throughout 9 hours then, you might need to think for registering them inside the day-care for the dogs. This day-care are readily available in lots of cities today as its demand is increasing day by day.

3. Employ a Dog Sitter

You might employ a dog sitter for your dog. The dog sitter can come to your home in the afternoon or evening and make your dog pee outside the home. Moreover, he/she can also play with the dog for sometimes outdoors that will help in making your dog more active and healthy.

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We hope that after reading the above info now, you know that how long can dogs hold their pee? The dogs can hold their pee for over 8 or 10 hours sometimes. However, it does not mean that you must let them hold their pee every time as holding the pee occasionally is fine but not on a regular basis.

Holding the pee for a long time often can result in dangerous risk for the dogs. Thus, ensure that you recognize that how many times your dog requires to go for peeing. Some of the dog owners who cannot take their dog outdoor regular must look for some solution like dog door or the dog sitter. Trust us that it will help in keeping the urinary system of your dog healthy

It is unnecessary to recap that the entire types of dog breeds are dissimilar and there is no point in telling the fixed duration for which your dog can hold the urine. Even though, there is specific advice that the dog-owners can utilize for reducing the accidents due to pee holding.

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee

You can utilize the above information as specific general guidelines however you have to keep in mind paying extraordinary attention to the dog till the time you discover its requirements. You must have some patience with your pet and don’t become too hard for them. Keep in mind that you have to ensure your dog is happy and comfy every time.

Don’t forget to comment in the below box that how you overcome the pee problem of your dog! You can also share with us the number of times your dog goes to pee. All those dog owners who are new can tell us about their query if any. We will replay back them soon!

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