How Long Do Betta Fish Live In The Aquarium Of The Home?

Betta fish is a species of the gourami family that is also known as the aquarium fish. Some of you might know them with the name SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH. It is an attractive and beautiful species that live in water for survival.

If you bought a Betta fish presently then, you must have a big question in your mind that how long do Betta fish live? The answer to this issue is quite easy, but still, we want to tell you some interesting information about the Betta fish in this article.

What Do You Think That How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

If the betta fish is living in the natural surroundings like sea, ocean or river then, there are high chances that they can survive at least two years steadily.

However, if the betta fish is living in the captivity like aquarium then, they can survive for around three years. The life of the fish also includes the period in which it was with the supplier.

A breeder or a vendor sells the male betta fish after they get one year old and they trade the female fish after they attain the age of six months. Isn’t it interesting to know?

​Things Which Affect the Lifespan Of The Betta Fish

Now, let's know about the important factors which influence the lifetime of the Betta fish.

This point is critical if you are thinking to buy the fish.

1. Place From Where You Get The Betta Fish

Every single breeder or the supplier possesses an individual method for taking care of the fish. They might keep the fish in the cramped surroundings, or there might be some parasite or the disease nearby. All these things decrease the lifespan of the betta fish.

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2. Age Of The Fish

If you buy a young fish then, they will survive for more years than the older one. The younger fish are active also. So, you have to choose that which fish you desire to have in your aquarium.

How Much Is The Life Of Betta Fish If You Place Them Inside A Bowl?

Some people might have a desire of keeping the betta fish in their home, but they do not take proper care of them later. They keep them in the unfiltered or unheated bowls. It results in the short lifespan of the batte fish, and they die soon.

When you keep your fish in the bowl with the water less than two gallons, then it will ultimately decrease the lifespan of the fish severely. You may have seen the shops that shop owners keep their fish in the bowls for display, but that is only for temporary advertising purposes. If you keep your fish for a longer period like that, then it will make them die early.

So, it is advisable that you keep the betta fish in the big aquarium and not in the small bowl.

Ways To Increase The Life Expectancy Of The Betta Fish

If you are worried that how long do betta fish live then, you can follow few ways which will enhance the longevity of the fish magically.

Please have a look!

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1. Type Of Food

The food comprises of the protein, and the fiber is the core requirement of the Betta fish. They do not have to consume the typical tropical food. The foods like dried bloodworms, pellets, shrimps, etc. provide all the vital nutrients to the fish which helps them live a healthy life.

Do not to over-feed the fish because it can result in the problems later.

2. Space In The Habitat

The place where you keep your betta fish i.e. either a bowl or in an aquarium should have the capacity of 5 gallons of water. However, the tank which you mostly find in the market has the capacity of two to three gallons which is not enough. When you give ample space for the fish in the tank, then they can hide or rest comfortably in it.

Remember that if your tank is full with water up to the maximum level then, do not forget to cover it with the lid as fish can easily jump out from there.

3. Purity Of The Water

The answer to the question, i.e., how long do betta fish live entirely depends on the water's condition in which the fish will LIVE.

The water's quality must good enough so that fish can survive in it for the longest time. It must comprise of all the essential nutrients and minerals which are necessary for the fish's survival. You may use the spring water or the filtered water.

Remember not to keep your fish inside the distilled water as it does not have any vital nutrients.

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4. Proper Maintenance

It is true that when you have a small size aquarium, then it becomes challenging to clean. The betta fish excrete the waste in the aquarium which results in the high amount of ammonia accumulation.

Along with the uneaten food as well as live plants, this waste can lead to the formation of the diseases which are unsafe for the health of the fish.

Now what can you do?

Just keep the aquarium clean and keep a regular check on the waste inside it.​

Final Word!

We hope that after reading the above article, now you know that how long do betta fish live. The life of the fish entirely influenced by the way you keep them and also the surroundings in which you make them live.

You now better understand that how can take proper care of your fish so that they can live a healthy and longer life. The standard lifecycle of the betta fish is two to three years, but with the right care, you can increase their life.​

Wrapping it up!

If you have any doubt regarding the above article in your mind then, write to us in the below comment box. We will solve your query soon.

Thanks for reading!

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