How Long Do Pugs Live?

It is right to say that pugs are one of the cool breeds of dogs on earth. Similar to any other pet, the pug also quickly becomes close to the family members. But this joy of having a pug turns into more happiness when you come to know that these dogs have a reasonable life expectancy.

So, are you also planning to buy a pug? If yes then, do you have any idea that how long do pugs live?

In the below article, we will replay to all your questions regarding how long do pugs live. Besides this, we will also share with you some useful info about the average lifespan of the pug and which factors affect their life more.

What Is The Lifespan Of The Pugs?

You will love to know that the pugs can easily live for around 12 to 15 years. The female pugs have an average life expectancy of 13.2 years whereas the male pugs own the average life expectancy of 12.8 years.

Do the life of pugs is more than the period of 15 years?

Well! The answer to the above question is yes as the long life of the pugs is depends on the care that you provide them. There are more proofs that the pugs can live for more than 16 years on some occasions.

The lifespan of the pug depends on numerous different factors. Along with the breed, the health of the pug is one more reason that affects pug long life. The pugs that are healthy have a longer life. There are so many health problems also that affect the life of the pugs, and we will discuss them in our next section.

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How Long Do Pugs Live

Common Health Problems Related To Pugs

Pugs have the finest social individualities in comparison to the other breeds of dogs. They are the perfect breed that is charming, happy and loving. You can’t resist yourself from their fun-loving nature.

But keep in mind that the pugs need special attention regarding health too. They are inclined to specific diseases mostly because of their looks like a flattened nose and small skull that can affect their health.

The following are the common health problems that pugs might have:

1. Reverse Sneezing

In this health problem, it looks like that the pug is choking, but it is only a tremor which usually occurs to breeds with short noses and flat faces. Sometimes this problem might be due to irritation by dirt, pollen, and colognes.

2. Eye Injuries

They occasionally get suffer from injured corneas as they do not possess prominent skinny brow edges. Pugs are susceptible to eye infections as any element can enter into their eyes.

3. Breathing Problems

Pugs might have trouble in inhalation due to the compact passages. The areas with high temperature are not appropriate for pugs for them. Certain pugs suffer from stenotic nares which is an issue that frequently happens in short-nosed pugs.

4. Hip Dysplasia

According to recent research around 65% of the pugs are affected by the problem of hip dysplasia which is a hereditary disorder. The symptoms of this problem generally take place when pugs are about one year of age.

5. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca

It also recognized as the dry eye disorder in which there is a fault of the aqueous split film on the dog’s eye. It exhibits by the mucus arriving from an eye, uncontrolled blinking, puffy conjunctive veins and blood vessels developing quickly in the pug’s eye.

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How to Increase Your Pug’s Life Expectancy?

The high amount of care that you offer to your pug keeps him happy and healthy that is the base for their long life. If you provide him with affection and your own company often then, it's not difficult for you to keep him happy always. Pugs are also appropriate for families who have small kids. The following are a few proper methods of taking good care of the pugs:

1. Keep Them Happy and Relaxed

The prolonged anxiety might adversely disturb the immune system of your pug. Thus, you should try to retain him happy by having good quality time with him. For example, you can bath him or play some game with the pug.

How Long Do Pugs Live

Pugs could feel quite anxious if you leave them alone. They have a habit of being super-penurious and might feel truly depraved if you left them alone for a long time. If you do not have an option besides leaving your dog unaccompanied at home then, it’s better to keep him inside a dog playpen instead of the birdcage.

You might play certain music for not making them feel alone. The treat-release and chew toys shall keep him busy too. In your free period, you can visit the local dog park for battling his aloneness.

2. Get Free Of Toxins And Hazards

The environments in which the pug's play have a very big part in their overall health. You should always keep toxic substances like house cleaning agents, pesticides, and herbicides far away from the pugs.

In comparison to any other breed of dog, pugs possess have the propensity to consume almost all types of things like pasta, doughnuts, candies, etc. Thus, you should also keep these things away from them as they can swallow or chew such foods. You must ensure to not leave any harmful elements or cleaning agent nearby a pug.

Certain pugs swallow the stuff which they should not eat like, plastic or candy wrappers. So, ensure to keep such things out of the dog’s range.

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3. Clean The Wrinkles Of Your Pug Often

The pug’s wrinkles might become a home for the development of various bacteria quickly. If you do not clean the wrinkles of the pug then, it can result in skin infection and irritation. You can utilize a cotton pad immersed inside the warm water for cleaning the facial wrinkles of the pug. You might use the fragrance-free baby wipes at least one time in a week.

The pugs that create lots of mess usually must be clean with a solution of rubbing liquor, white vinegar, and witch hazel. The homemade mixture includes the five tablespoons of every ingredient along with the ten droplets of tea tree oil.

If there are deep wrinkles in your pugs then, it is good to sprinkle them with a small amount of Neo-predef powder. The pug that requires a full cleaning must be clean after consulting the vet about the powder to be used.

4. Take Him For A Small Walk Daily

As you know that dogs are the social animals that relish meeting pets as well as the new persons. Most of them love to spend time outdoors. But, pugs tend to get exhausted rapidly due to their inhalation issues.

How Long Do Pugs Live

It is right to say that the pugs should not be taken outdoors for a long duration. These dogs are mainly the lap canines that initially reared for royal families. However, it does not mean that the pugs could be the sofa vegetables always. Conflicting to the fact, these dogs are not quite lethargic. The small age pugs might be slightly overexcited also similar to any other pup from other breeds of dog.

Pugs don’t need to do more exercise like the other breeds as they get exhausted quickly. Once you take them for the walk, instead of a neck collar try to utilize the body harness for making them breathe easier.

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5. Offer Your Pug A Good Diet

Grown-up pugs require 40 calories for each pound of the body mass. Usually, the weight of the pugs is between 15 and 20 pounds which mean that they must eat the food approximately 570-730 calories in one single day.

The pugs that are only six months old or more must be fed two times a day. The quantity of food for young pugs (age ranging between 6 months to 1 year) is ¾ of a mug for each serving. Active grown-up dogs could be provided a ½ cup of foodstuff for each serving whereas senior pugs could acquire merely 1/3rd cup in each serving. Young pugs generally have to eat extra food. For example, the pugs of 3 to 6 months age must be served three times in one day as they are extra active in comparison to the senior pugs.

Bad diet of the pugs may result in severe health problems and ultimately a decreased life expectancy in pugs. Pugs must be served proper nourishment two times a day, contingent to their level of activeness. Even though maximum pugs are not fussy feeders, but they are susceptible to numerous types of food allergies.

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Final Word How Long Do Pugs Live!

We hope that now you know that how long do pugs live. Generally, the pugs live elongated life regardless of their susceptibility to some diseases. Heredities have a dangerous part in this; however, with the right diet, safe atmosphere, proper care, and excise the owners of the pugs might be able to help their dogs to live a longer life.

How Long Do Pugs Live

Actually, there are numerous things which you must know in advance before buying a pug. One more important thing that you should know is that the pugs require very high-maintenance due to their numerous health problems.

One thing we surely want to say is that it is worth to purchase a pug for the people who love to have a lapdog. Pugs are adorable, and they always relish their company.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above info. Is there anything you still want to know? Then do let us in the below comment box.

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