How Much Do Pitbulls Cost? All You Need To Know Before Buying One!

Are you looking to purchase a puppy for your home? Is your mind stopped at the selection of pitbull puppy but still afraid of its cost?

Today you can see pitbull puppies in numerous homes sleeping with their owners and roaming around in balconies. You might also think of buying them but stopped due to less info about its cost.

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It is true that during the online researches you might come across the different prices of the pitbull puppy. It makes difficult for us to pick the right puppy with the reasonable price sometimes. Some of them sold for thousands of dollars, and some of them sold at a lower price even after possessing the same looks. 

What you should do in such a case?

To let you know that how much do pitbulls cost, we have prepared the below simple article in which we will talk about the pricing of the pitbull and how does it vary. We know We hope that this article will surely help them in knowing the exact answer about how much do pitbull puppies cost.

So, let's begin!

Why Cost of the Pitbulls Vary?

The following are a few reasons that make the cost of the pitbulls vary:

1. Pitbull With The Papers Are More Costly

Papers arebasically an authorized document which includes the pedigree a specific dog possesses. If these documents of a pitbull display that it originates from a virtuous track of victor dogs, then it is probable that the dog has received the highest assets of his line too.

You might buy the dogs with documents if you think on makes your dog participate in the dog shows or competitions. However if not, you might bring up the papers of the dog if you desire to acquainted if it originates from a line with the decent character and physical talents.

2. Gender Might Be A Defining Factor

Certain breeders or merchants sell their female pitbull dogs at the higher rates as the female dogs might still brood extra puppies sooner or later. In addition to more puppies, the price of the dog to0 upsurges.

On the other hand, not the entire female dogs are always costly. At times, male puppies or dogs shall too be extra expensive particularly if they arrive from a worthy boss dog. Breeders that select a virtuous stud dog might usually look for the higher rate of the male pups as it assumed that such puppies might possess an excellent chance of receiving the good talents of the blood relation of the male.

3. Physical Feature Can Hit The Prices to Escalate

Usually, there are some physical characteristics of a pitbull which makes the sellers charge high cost. Many breeders fix the price of their pitbull dogs as per the color of their nose. They shall sell the “red-nosed” or “blue-nosed” pitbulls at a higher cost as it is unstated to be unique colors for the dog’s breed.

On the other hand, it recommended that you must not think of purchasing your dogs by such offers. Such offers deliberated as a cash scam prepared by immoral breeders. These are only some colors which certain pitbulls possess, and on no account distinguish from each other.

Pitbulls moderately must be selected by their physical parts and how sturdy the limbs are. Big size pitbulls including the adults or puppies are more costly. If you need a big size dog, then giving more cash for the size might be acceptable.

Where Can We Purchase The Pitbulls?

Now you know that which things considered while buying a pitbull. Below we are going to tell you that from where you can purchase the pitbulls:

1. Adoption

One of the best places to buy the pitbull dogs or pitbull puppies is your nearby animal shelter or adoption center. The rates for adopting a dog generally lie $ 110 to $ 210. If you are searching for pitbull or its puppies inside your region, you might have a look at the websites like and pick the one you like. Saving a dog in the necessity of adoption is a virtuous choice if you are not entirely specific with histories or documents which a dog possesses.

2. Breeders

You might select to purchase pitbulls from certain breeders that offer the dogs rated below $850. Generally, such dog or puppy which you purchased might not belong to a good line. They are usually offspring of only dual ordinary pitbulls. They might also not recognize the history of their puppies, and it is the reason that they are not listed and comes at a lower price.

Look out from which breeder you shall purchase your pitbull or puppy. There are certain types of breeders from whom you must stay away from buying. Such breeders consist of inbreed breeders and backyard breeders.

Backyard breeders are those people that generally aim for breeding pitbulls as per their looks. They aspire to trade “blue-nosed” or “red - nosed” pitbulls for higher rates.

Inbreed breeders also deliberated one of the most cooling categories of breeders that deal in pitbulls. They generally breed dual straight linked pitbulls collectively to attain common individualities for puppies. But this practice might fail as products of this extensive inbreeding might result in inherited diseases when the puppies shall become adult.

What Is The Cost Of Pitbulls?

You should always do an investigation and try for genuine breeders that pay attention to their dogs splendidly, and also develop their shelter appropriately. These authentic breeders shall continuously allow you to meet your prospective puppy as well as their parents.

The sincere breeders generally trade their puppies with virtuous heritages at beginning rates of $2100 to $21000. On the other hand, there are few decent pitbulls breeds that you can fetch for only $810 - $1100.

We hope that now you know that from where you can purchase your pitbull or its puppies. There are undoubtedly many things to think about, but still, the final decision is yours that which puppy or pitbull you want to buy. To recapitulate, the below are few tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing pitbulls:

  • Select pitbulls with documents if you need them for joining the dog shows and if you are not buying them for this purpose then, you might purchase dogs without documents.
  • Adopting a pitbull is always an alternative if you need a low-cost option for buying a pitbull.
  • Study about your breeder and verify that their procedure is genuine before you carry on to purchasing your pitbull.

How Many Number of Puppies May a Pitbull Have?

The number of puppies which a pitbull might have depends upon their litter origin.

1. Puppies of a Pitbull In The First Litter

It usually is influenced by the numerous factors like her size and origin of litter. If the pitbull originated from a family with multiple puppies then, she might probably provide birth to numerous puppies at one time. It is for the reason that the quantity of spawns released by a female-pitbull in one heat cycle is inherited. Her fertility level also influenced by her inheritable factor.

If the pitbull dog is big then, she might give birth to around ten puppies for each litter. It is owing to her plenty of space for carrying them.

2. Puppies of a Pitbull In The Second Litter

In the second litter of the pitbull, she can give birth to 14 healthy puppies. Pitbulls grow quite fast. Healthy dogs possess a normal pregnancy period of around 60 days to 64 days. They might give birth to 6 puppies at one time. But, it all differs with the category of dog and gestations. Certain pregnancies result in more puppies in comparison to the others. In particular examples, around 10 puppies delivered in a single litter.

Number of Puppies Pitbull Produce In a Year

Numerous aspects affect the number of puppies produced by a pitbull. Young pitbulls generally have a single heat cycle in every year in comparison to old age dogs. Their oestrus phases are usually unequal.

Small size breeds might go through 3 heat cycles in one year whereas big size breeds might merely have a heat cycle only one time. The pitbull cannot become pregnant in the middle of succeeding heat cycles. But, pregnancy might happen in unnoticed heat cycles.

Final Word!

Pitbulls are an incredible addition to your home. You can easily buy them from the online store or any breeder or agency. But keep in mind that the cost of the pitbull might vary according to their history and also the availability of the documents. You should also confirm the breeder before buying the dog from them.

We hope that you have got the answer to the question “how much do pitbulls cost." If you still have any query to ask then, please write to us in below comment box. We will replay back to you soon.

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