How to Choose the Best Dog Harness?

​That is a big question for anyone who wants to choose the best dog harness because the wrong dog harness can be HARMFUL to the dog's throat and neck if it is not fit properly.

You need to check the perimeter of the dog first. It is the length from behind the forward-facing legs of the dog which is near to the deepest area of the chest.

There are lots of important things which you need to consider before buying this product for your dog.

In the below article, we will guide you that how you can buy this product in the best way.


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The harness for the dogs can only work well if you choose the correct size product. There are few following things which you need to measure before buying a best dog harness:

  • The width of the dog: You need to check the perimeter of the dog first. It is the length from behind the forward-facing legs of the dog which is near to the deepest area of the chest.
  • The tallness of the dog: You have to measure the height of the dog from the ground to the first area of the shoulder.
  • ​The length of the dog: When you want to choose the best dog harness, the length of the dog possesses very significant parameter. This measurement includes the area from the bottom of the neck to the end of the tail.
  • Chest-bone to shoulder: It is also important to calculate the length from the point of the chest-bone, slanting up near to the neck among the shoulder edges.
  • Other vital things: The breed, age, and sex of the dog also need to be informed to the harness supplier.

Step by Step Tutorial to Choose The Best Dog Harness


If you want to buy a best dog harness, then there are few important steps which you need to follow:

Step 1 - Attaches Properly:

Firstly you have to decide that where you want to attach the leash to the dog’s harness. There are two types of harness i.e. back as well as the front. The front harness offers you more control over the dog whereas the back harness provides complete protection and comfort to the dog’s neck.

Step 2 - Thickness of the harness:

The thickness of the harness differs in numbers. You have to assess the size of your dog, breed and his age to know that which size harness you required. If you have a growing dog, then it is better to buy the product which will fit them correctly later also.

Step 3 - Inside Padding:


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The dogs which have short hair get lots of benefits from the harness which has to pad in it.

The padding helps in the avoidance of the skin irritation and the soreness.

It also provides more flair to the dog's overall beauty by making them look more stylish at the time of brisk walks.

Step 4 - Adjusting quality:

It is very significant to evaluate that the harness must get aligned with the movement of the dog while walking. It helps you to choose the best dog harness. You should check that how your dog reacts when you put on the harness. The class of the material which used in manufacturing the harness must be of high quality which does not weaken with the passage of time.

Step 5 - Reflectors on the harness:

Now, the next step is to check that whether the harness has reflectors on it or not. The mirrors make your dog visible while walking in the heavy traffic either in the morning time or the evening. It keeps you and your dog safe and secure.

Step 6 - Perfect Counterpart:


There are lots of different types of the leash which comes in the market. But, you must assure that you choose the right dog harness which functions with the leash.

While controlling your dog, if the harness is well compatible with the rope, then only you can do proper governing.

Step 7 - Numerous Dogs:

There are lots of people who have more than one dog as a pet in their home. In such a case, you need a harness which functions well with the divided leashes.

You can buy a harness which possesses clip on both the sides for attaching to the Y-designed leash so that you can walk with two dogs at the same time.

Some of you might have one large and one small dog also. In this case, you have to select two different harnesses depending on the various walking ways of the two dogs.​

Step 8 - Material used in making harness:

The final step is to check the equipment which uses in manufacturing the harness of the dog. It is quite essential to clean the dog's harness. Some of the harnesses come in the polished leather material which causes very less skin irritation.

There are some nylon-made harnesses also which are very easy and fast to clean. Thus, you have to assess that which material suits your dog’s skin type and also whether he is not allergic to any particular fiber.

How to Choose The Best Dog Harness?


In the end, we want to conclude that it is crucial that you choose the best dog harness which fits without any restriction to the movement of the dog. The edges of the harness must be in curved shape which let the dog to do a natural movement. Your dog must not choke out if you pull the harness while controlling him.

While choosing the dog’s harness, you also have to deliberate the category of dog which you own. This feature also has a significant influence on the style of harness required. You should not forget that before buying the best dog harness, always search for the good options available on the market which provides complete safety to your dog.

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