How To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Habits?

Pet dogs cannot be perfect, no matter how much you train them. There are some bad habits that all the dogs have. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to take proper care of them and your surroundings. When you notice even the slightest change in their behavior, you should prefer keeping a check on them.

If you find your pet tough to control, you can consider hiring a professional to help you out. There are several pet sitters which look into such matters very carefully thereby helping to solve each problem. Some of the dangerous dog habits, you should try to get rid of including:

1. Continuous Chewing

Babies have the habit of chewing everything they have in front of them. This habit becomes applicable to your dog too.

Although many may consider it to be healthy as one of the many lousy dog habits, it is a problem. Constant chewing of things can create a lot of clutter in your house. Chewing may be healthy but chewing inappropriate things can be dangerous.

A pet sitter can give your dog the appropriate chewing objects such as chew toy or stuffed toys. Eventually, your dog will also develop the habit of chewing the specific objectives.

If your dog eats a selected object, you should praise them. This will help them analyze the difference between bad and good. You can consult a veterinarian regarding the chewing habits of your pet.

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2. Barking At The Doorbell

Dog barking at the doorbell is regarded as collective behavior. However, the reason for this may vary from one to another. Your dog may either be anxious or excited about the visitor. It is one of the most common behaviors of the dog. But in some cases, dog barking can be extremely annoying.

As per veterinarian experts, this barking habit makes the dog believes they are training the humans to open the door. So, when you open the door after hearing to their barking, they consider it to be because of them. Too much or consistent barking is one of the usual lousy dog habits. This habit can also be changed if you firmly train them or seek help from a pet sitter.

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3. Begging At The Table

If you own a dog, you would have come across this scenario. In this case, your dog looks at you desperately, as if asking you to give some food to them. This is one of the dangerous dog habits that you should keep a check on. To ensure that they do not continue with this habit of theirs, you should provide no one on the table offers them food. Even if your dog does this once in a long time, you should never entertain this behavior.

They may eventually grow habituated to it and would continue doing it. You should specify a time for them so that they do not look at your food. It is best to eat together so that they have their food and you have yours.

4. Urinate Inside The House

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From your mood to the hygiene of the house, this can be quite upsetting. Dogs peeing on things leave back stains and marks. You won't like it when someone visits your home and finds a target on your sofa. If you ever notice your dog urinating inside the house, you should immediately try to take them to the loo.

Make sure you start training them during their growing years. This will help your dog know where to do what. Thus, they will eventually urinate in the right place. Once they develop this habit, you should praise them and give them treats of appreciation.

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5. Stealing Food From A Counter

Veterinarian refers this as counter-surfing. This is one of those lousy dog habits that are difficult to get rid of. The only way you can try to prevent this habit is not to give them the opportunity to do so. You should restrict leaving food open on counters or prevent dogs from entering into the kitchen. Even when your dog tries to do it, you should command them to move it.

When you hire an Atlanta dog walker, you should inform them about all the lousy dog habits. The pet sitters will eventually be careful of the problems and put in their efforts to treat it.

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