How to Keep Dog Hair at Bay

Dogs are a wonderful addition to the family. We love them from the tip of their moist muzzles to their ever-wiggling furry tails. However, every pet parent knows that owning a pet means that they can be swimming in dog hair. Of course, it is not your pet’s fault because most dogs shed their fur naturally. If you are fed up with the sight of fur around your home or walking with it to your work place, here are a few tips on how to keep dog hair at bay.

Regular Check Up

If there is a lot of pet hair around your home, it could mean that your pet is sick. To ensure she is healthy and keep hair loss under control, visit your vet regularly. Based on the condition of her skin and coat, your vet will provide a suitable treatment plan to reduce hair loss.

Proper Diet

To keep your pet’s hair loss under control, pay extra attention to her diet. Your pet’s health shows on her coat, so make an effort to feed her good quality foods with a lot of protein. Also, don’t change her diet frequently because most dogs take a long time to get used to a new diet, and that can affect their health.

Brush Her Coat

One of the effective ways of keeping pet hair at bay is brushing her coat using a brush meant for pet hair. Regular brushing with shedding comb will remove loose fur from your dog’s coat, and minimize shedding. However, before you purchase a shedding comb, consult your vet to find out which brush would work well with your pet’s coat.

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Furniture Cover

Most pet parents do not mind their pets cuddling up on the couch. If that is the case, but you feel pet hair is a bother, consider a furniture cover for your chairs, couches or car seats.

There are many furniture throws or covers for your car seats to help keep dog or cat hair at bay. Without covers, pet hair tends to cling to upholstery and taking it out can be a nightmare. Leave furniture cover in place when you are out of the house and take them out when you and your family want to enjoy time together.

Keep An Eye On Your Vents And Kitchen

Occasionally, take out your fridge and clean underneath or behind it. Why? Well, pet hair has a habit of piling up behind or under the fridge and can block vents. Blocked vents is one of the reasons why home appliances do not last that long.

In addition, you could replace furnace filters regularly because pet hair can build up and cause your air conditioning and heating not to work properly.

Keep Your Sheets Clean

Dogs have a habit of hopping on to beds, especially when they are happy or when they want to cuddle up and get some warmth. Unfortunately, if your pet shares your bed, it is likely that she will drop hair on the sheets. If you cannot keep her off your bed, make an effort to change or wash your comforter and sheets as regularly as possible.

Lint Rollers

If you are a pet parent who loves to clad in black, you understand fully well how challenging that can be, especially if you are pet loves hugs. However, you do not have to stop rocking your favorite black dress to work because your pet spews hair all around the house.

Lint rollers will get rid of dog hair from your clothing in no time leaving you looking smart and ready to take on the world. And of course you can still give your pet a hug before you go off to work.

Dog Bed

For pet owners with a large house, regular cleaning can be quite a hustle. If you do not want pet hair all over the house, its best to find your pet her own resting place. Dogs love to take regular naps throughout the day.

Some pets do not sleep in one spot, so you are likely to find your pet in different spots round the house. Unfortunately, this spreads hair all over and it can be worse if you have more than one pet.

A dog bed will make things easy for you. Your pet will have her own sitting and resting place so she will not drop that much hair around.

Good Vacuum Cleaner

A dog bed does not mean the end of your pet hair problem. You will find a strand or two here and there. This is where a vacuum cleaner come in handy.

With a vacuum cleaner, it become easy to pick up dog hair without troubling too much. In addition, it makes it to reach hidden places like under the fridge without necessarily moving it around.

Air Purifier

An air purifier system for your home is one of the best appliances that all pet owners should install. Dogs make good companions, but their hair, dander or smell can sometime affect the air in your house.

So, breathing may become challenging. Fortunately, there is no need to suffer through a congestion, runny nose or an itchy skin. If you find that your dog affects the air quality in your home, an air purifier is your best bet. It will filter out all the dog hair, dander or smell, leaving you comfortable and healthy.

Final Word

Pets improve the quality of our lives because they make good, loyal and obedient companions. However, having a pet at home comes with its own challenges, like pet hair. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem because we have listed a few tips on how you can keep dog hair at bay. Therefore, you can enjoy your pet’s company and still keep your home fur free!

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