5 Amazing Pet Security Products that You Must Know About

Pet tech is making its way into the world and is now taking up a significant place in the pet care industry. Around 68% households in the U.S. own pets according to a survey conducted by APPA (American Pet Product Association) and well today’s pet-parents are willing to invest a significant amount for the well-being of their beloved companions.

This is the reason why the pet-care industry has grown to such a great extent in the past few years. And what can be more concerning than the security of our mischievous dogs, naughty felines, and the chirpy birdies?

There was a time when pet-parents wouldn’t have a clue about what their pets were up to and would have to keep worrying while being away from home. But today things are more convenient; you can keep an eye on your canine while at work, hanging out with family/friends or running errands.

If you are a worried pet-parent looking for some relief than relax, here is a list of 5 must-have pet products that will assure safety and security for your furry or feathered companions:

Dog Camera

We do want to keep an eye on your pets- see if they are having a good time at home. When I got a pet-bird in a house with two active and cheerful dogs, I would always worry about her safety whether my little parakeet was safe inside the cage or managed to escape and get herself in danger.

It was then when I found out about the existence of devices that I could use to keep a check on the happenings inside my home and whether there was peace or not. These pet cameras can also be used to communicate with your canines when you miss them; it also helps keep the separation anxiety in check.

You can switch it into different modes and silently spy when you feel the need to. Some cameras also come with an option of dispensing treats so you can attract your canine.

GPS Pet Tracker

GPS Pet Tracker

So you come back home after a tiring day at work, anticipating that your dog would welcome you wagging his tail and a warm hug but as soon as you enter the house you can’t spot Fido. You wait for your pooch to show up for a few seconds, and then begin calling out his name, looking all around and panicking.

Can you imagine how terrific would it be if you could take out your phone and find your dog’s location? It would save you all of the chaos, stress, panic, and tears. Cats are habitual for finding hidden spots inside the house where they can rest while you end up searching half the neighborhood only to find your cat in the laundry basket.

Well, now it is possible to track your pet’s location in real-time! All you need to do is get your pet a smart collar and connect it to your smartphone. You can also designate safe places for your pets and get notified when they leave the designated area.

Smart Collars

Smart Collars

Another way to keep track of your pet’s location is a smart collar. These are like cellphones for your dogs that can provide real-time notifications of where your pup is present at the moment. Some collars can also be used to track your pup’s activity levels and have built-in sound features to aid in training your dog.

If you think your pooch is putting on unhealthy weight then set and share goals to lose the excess pounds- this will be an excellent way for both you and your pooch to stay in shape. The new varieties on the market also have temperature sensors, can be used underwater and scan how much food your dog is eating (in case you don’t have automatic feeders.)

Monitoring Systems

Another piece of technology that can help you remotely interact with your pets include pet monitoring systems such as the Pet Cube Play. These devices come with added features that can keep your pets entertained (laser toys) and maintain their fitness (options to exercise your pets.)

You can set notifications to check if there is any disturbance in the room or when someone enters the area, praise your pets or give commands. It offers the most convenient way of communication and guarantees peace of mind for the pet-parents.

You can now find a variety of pet monitoring systems available in the market among which Furbo is another popular brand. It can notify you when the dog barks so you can ensure everything is okay.

You can also use it to play a game of fetch with the pups, toss treats and click your dog’s selfies- what more could pet-parents ask for!

Smart Doors

Smart Doors

Our pets mainly dogs love having the freedom of moving in and out of the house at their discretion. Well, the best way is to add smart dog doors in the house. These can detect the signals from your dog’s collars to unlock the flaps. It will also notify you when Fido goes out and the number of times he went in and out of the house.

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