Top 10 Dangerous Foods for Cats – Read Before Buy Any Food For Your Cats!

Having a cat at your home is a common thing these days but looking after them properly is a primary responsibility of every cat owner. You can't serve them any food that you may eat but they can't. The meals that you serve to your cats should be delicious but must be nutritious as well. They should not upset their stomach.
It is true that cats don't eat the food as hungrily as a dog, but still, there are few dangerous foods for cats that you should avoid giving them. Such foods can become poisonous for the cats and harm their health to a great extent if you don't know much about them.

In the below article, we will share it you the list of 10 dangerous foods for cats that you should not give in their diet in large quantities, or otherwise, they can harm the health of your dear pet:

1. Dairy

The top dangerous food for cats is dairy products as cats cannot handle the lactose ingredient in them. Lactose can upset their stomach quickly and can also cause diarrhea. The dairy products can include milk or any other product made from milk.

2. Onions and Garlic

Cats must not consume the foods like onions, shallots, garlic chives, or any other type of food that comprise of thiosulphate which is a compound responsible for severe health problems.

Cats don't like to eat much onion or garlic; however, they can pick the food cooked with garlic or onion-like chicken or other soups from your kitchen.

If cats eat lots of garlic or onion, the thiosulphate present in these foods causes damage to their red blood cells that result in the distressing disorder known as hemolytic anemia.

3. Alcohol

The small quantities of alcohol can result in a variety of horrible symptoms if the cat somehow drinks it. It can upset their digestive system, problems in breathing, result in disorientation or can lead to death or coma.

Thus, you should not leave your beverages carelessly on the tables, and quickly clean the spills fall on the table before your pet arrives there for the tasting. You will be shocked to know that more than two licks of alcohol can cause significant difficulties for cat’s health.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is a toxic food for the cats as this can make them do vomiting, DIARRHEA, drop in the blood pressure, the problem in breathing and fact can cause heart failure too.

There are decidedly fewer chances that cats have the toxic dosage of chocolate, however, still, you should keep it far from them and mainly the darker chocolates that comprise extra cocoa.

5. Grapes, Raisins, and Currants

Raisins, grapes, and currants are not 100 % safe fruits for the cats. You should not give these foods intentionally to your cats as they can cause heart failure in them. Try your best to keep them away from your pets to avoid any health risk.

6. Caffeine

We, as humans, love to have a cup of coffee in the early morning time for getting some energy. But, trust us! If you give the same amount of to your cat as well then, it can be very hazardous.

The toxicity of the caffeine in cats can result in problems like hyperactivity, tremors, increased heart rate, seizures and difficulty in breathing.

7. Raw Meat

Raw meat might be a very tempting food for a wildcat, but it is one of the unsafe foods for the cat as a pet at home. The raw meat which is uncooked is more expected to have dangerous infection-initiating bacteria and parasites.

If you still want to make homemade meat for your cat then, freeze it and cook it properly so that there is no risk of any infection or food poisoning.

8. Raw Dough

The raw dough of the pizza or bread has the main ingredient called yeast that can rapidly create adequate alcohol as well as carbon dioxide for causing severe health issues for a cat.

Also, the dough might get expand in the belly of the cat to an extent which may need surgery to eradicate the digestive blockade.

9. Cooked Tuna

It is an occasional treat which you can give to your cats occasionally. But the cats possess complex NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS which only tuna fish cannot accomplish.

Moreover, a stern diet of tuna fish or food prepared mainly from tuna fish may put the life of your cat in danger of mercury poisoning.

10. Raw Seafood

Anchovies, raw tuna, herring, sardines, carp, clams, mussels, as well as other water-dwelling critters consist of the thiaminase enzymes that after breaking down can result in the insufficiency of thiamine.

Thiamine is an essential B vitamin for the cats. Luckily, the heat from food preparation of these foods is sufficient to alter the thiaminase enzymes and make them harmless.

How to stop Cats from consuming Dangerous Foods?

  • You should store the foods at the place where your cat can’t reach.
  • Don’t allow your cat to come on the kitchen’s counter when you are eating or cooking.
  • Don’t feed the cat your food leftovers.
  • You should remain alert during the holidays when more enticing food is nearby that can trouble your cat’s stomach.

Final word!

The life of the cat and their health influenced by the type of food she consumes. If you want to keep her healthy and fit, then try to keep the above mentioned ten poisonous and dangerous foods out of her reach. Give her the balanced diet.

The above list of dangerous foods for cats is not a completed one. There are lots of other foods that you should not give to your kitty. If you have any query about the above info then, don’t hesitate to us in the below comment box.

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