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​​​Aquarium and fish hobby seems to be an intimidating thing to get started with and be passionate about. When you think about it at first, it seems to be a whole lot more complicated than dog care. Truly enough, there are a lot of things you need to learn before becoming an aquarium and fish hobbyist.

Thankfully, there are now several resources you can find online. From picking out your domain in the landscape to taking care of your own fish species— all the information and help you need are available in an instant.

​Below are the leading blogs that can help you succeed as an aquarium and fish hobbyist. Everything you need to get started or even continue your journey as years go by, is available on these different platforms. Hop on the list and see for yourself how you can explore the marine world:

1. Advanced Aquarists 


Advanced Aquarists shares the latest updates on different fish species. It contains a lot of fun facts that will further interest you in the hobby. So, if you are seeking to expand your knowledge base, you can count on this blog.

There are also articles that review equipment, helping you succeed as an aquarium hobbyist regardless of your lack of experience.

2. Advanced Aquarium Concepts


This blog has one goal— to promote an informed aquarium hobby. Advanced Aquarium Concepts works to achieve this by addressing myths, sharing tips on how to maintain and improve aquarium systems, and reviewing popular and new products in the market. It also provides educational resources on its platform. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy exploring and learning from this blog.

3. AquaNerd (

AquaNerd is the digital space to be at, if you want to stay updated with the latest aquarium equipment and the latest news on aquarium livestock. Whether you are into reef or saltwater aquariums, you will appreciate everything in this blog. Here, you will also develop a particular interest in corals— if you still have none.​​​

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4. Aquariadise (

Aquariadise is one of the best go-to’s for everything about freshwater aquariums. Beginners will find it helpful as its content include set-up guides, fish and plant care sheets, and product reviews. One of the best things about this blog is that it busts popular myths in the world of aquarium and fish keeping. You will also like it if you are into aquascaping.

5. Aquarium Base (

Whether you are into freshwater or saltwater aquariums, Aquarium Base got your back. Primarily, it helps you choose the right aquarium for you. You may also count on it as you look for the the best equipment and supplies, and as you figure out whether you need them or not. Aside from product reviews, the blog also offers set-up guides for beginners.

6. Aquarium Bible (

Aquarium Bible offers accurate and thorough information on aquariums. Of course, maintenance and set-up guides are available on the blog. Along with this, you will also find information on common fish species and invertebrates. Surely, you will be able to learn more about aquarium livestock and how to take care of them.

7. Aquarium Life (

If you are into do-it-yourself (DIY) projects as an aquarium hobbyist, then Aquarium Life might just be the perfect blog for you. Aside from interesting DIY projects, it also contains aquarium fish profiles. Moreover, you can learn a lot about different equipment, fish breeding, and more. There are also aquarium calculators that will help you get started or plan your hobby.

8. Aquarium Store Depot


Simplification of aquarium hobby— that is the code of Aquarium Store Depot. This blog has been featured on several well-known platforms such as FamilyShare, Huffington Post, and many more.

As an online shop, it aims to guide its customers in choosing the right saltwater tanks through its blog. After all, making an informed decision is the key to thriving as an aquarium hobbyist.

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9. Aquatic Experts (

This blog seeks to make aquarium hobby as rewarding of an experience as possible. Aquatic Experts does this by making sure that every hobbyist has access to the right knowledge and ample help. Owner Laurren Schmoyer believes that having the right equipment and tools is the key to becoming successful in the field. So, the blog contains buying guides, product reviews, and aquarium cleaning tips.

10. Biota Aquariums (

Biota Aquariums is all for the conservation and protection of marine life. Through the blog, it promotes sustainable aquatic environments. At the same time, it encourages hobbyists to uphold and practice sustainability as they go about their passion for aquatics. It inspires people to learn more, featuring interesting information about fish species and the ocean.

11. Fish Tank Club (

This blog reviews equipment for freshwater and saltwater aquariums such as air pumps, filters, heaters, and many more. If you have no idea what products to buy, then it can definitely help you out.

Fish Tank Club also writes how-to articles to help beginners get started. It is a one-stop shop for those who wish to start their own freshwater and/or saltwater aquarium hobbies.

12. Fresh N Marine (

In this blog, you will find product news and fish care guides. As one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry, Fresh N Marine aims to help fish hobbyists keep their fish species healthy. By providing relevant articles regularly, it hopes to create a well-informed community. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hobbyist, you will find comfort in this space.

13. Mad Hatter’s Reef (

Jeff Hesketh started Mad Hatter’s Reef to share his fondness for saltwater aquariums. Since then, he has been passionate about aiding people get started with the hobby. He does this by writing and producing videos about setting up and maintaining saltwater aquariums. On the blog, you will also learn about filtration, husbandry, and many other techniques you may use or skills you may develop.

14. Marine Depot (

Marine Depot ensures valuable consumer experience by imparting knowledge through its online presence. The shop started two decades ago, with reef enthusiast Ken Wong at the helm. Since it is composed of a team of experts in the field, you will surely find the advices and how-to’s in the blog helpful in your journey as an aquarium hobbyist.

15. Melev’s Reef (

Founder Marc Levenson has been a hobbyist for 20 years now. Through Melev’s Reef, he shares his own experiences to guide new hobbyists and help them avoid common mistakes. As a product inventor, Levenson aims to make the hobby more interesting and convenient. He educates about feeding techniques, water chemistry, pest control, and many more. The blog also tackles about reef photography.

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16. NippyFish (

NippyFish is all about Betta fish. It guides you with the basics— from proper feeding and care to setting up a conducive environment for your Bettas. It also helps you pick the right Betta tank. You should follow this blog especially if you want to know more about fish breeding and how to treat Bettas when they are sick.

17. Rate My Fish Tank (

As the name implies, Rate My Fish Tank lets users rate fish tank photos. The purpose of this collaborative online environment is to let people share their tanks and for them to adopt ideas. It is one of today’s most visited aquarium blogs because of its compatibility tools, which allow you to figure out the perfect fish combinations for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

18. Reef Builders (

Reef Builders is one of today’s most reliable source of information and latest updates— basically everything on reefs and aquariums. A team of experts makes sure that only quality content reach its audience.

Founded in 2006, it has made a name for itself in the aquatics industry. In fact, it has already been featured by major media platforms such as CNN.

19. Reef Hacks (

The writers at Reef Hacks are experienced aquarists; so, you are in good hands. Its content includes in-depth and unbiased reviews on reef tanks and saltwater aquarium gears, how-to’s, and many more. At its core, it is all about keeping your fish and your tank healthy and vibrant. The blog aims to promote a stress-free hobby that you can enjoy personally and even with your family.

20. Reef Time (

Reef tanks are fun to decorate. This is why Reef Time offers cool DIY ideas on its platform regularly. However, there is more to it than that. It is also a great blog to learn about corals, filtration systems and techniques, fish species, reef chemistry, reef keeping, and a whole lot more. It offers articles for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike.

21. Saltwater Aquarium Advice (

Saltwater Aquarium Advice is spearheaded by biological scientist Andrej Brummer. He has always been interested in marine organisms; and this interest has translated into his life passion and career. Through the blog, he seeks to help home aquarists become successful with saltwater aquarium keeping. His goal is to promote sustainability in and through the hobby.

22. Sam’s Aquariumz (

If you want to deepen your knowledge about fish schooling, Sam’s Aquariumz is the right place for you. Aside from that, it also highlights the importance of using 100% natural aquarium decorations. It teaches you how to care for live plants, too. More importantly, there are shopping guides that will help you choose the best products to maintain your aquariums.

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23. Swell UK (

For advices on maintaining your aquariums, gardens, and/or ponds, Swell UK is an excellent platform to check out. It also provides tips on setting up and decorating your systems. The blog is complete with the latest updates on supplies, equipment, aquarium keeping, and many more. Useful product information are also available.

24. Saltwater Smarts (

Aquarists Chris Aldrich and Jeff Kurtz founded Saltwater Smarts to inspire people who wish to become marine aquarium hobbyists. They want to solidify people’s knowledge base by sharing useful concepts and techniques. The blog also contains the latest innovations in the landscape. It aims to make the marine aquarium hobby more accessible, more relevant, and more sustainable than ever.

25. Saltwater Aquarium Blog (

Saltwater Aquarium Blog is dedicated to novice saltwater aquarium hobbyists. It helps you get over and deal with that overwhelming feeling as a beginner. There is so much to learn in this arena, and this blog is the perfect place to start with. It teaches you all the basics and the essentials to create a safe environment for your fish species.


There are hundreds of aquarium blogs today, so picking out these top 25 was not that easy. These are the ones I deem worth checking out because they all have unique features to offer. Nonetheless, they all offer fresh, relevant, meaningful, and useful content that both novice and expert hobbyists can count on.

As we all know, aquarium and fish hobby is not that simple. There are a lot of things you need to learn and relearn even if you have already been in the hobby for decades. It is a lifetime process that demands dedication and passion, so getting and using all the help you can get makes the difference.

Have you been following any of these blogs already? Which blogs have you not heard of until today? Which one is your favorite?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and stories.

Have great day ahead!

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