Top 25 Cats Blogs: Here is What You Need To Know

Cats are one of the best creatures on the earth which you can have as a pet, and there are many people out there who will agree with me. Am I right?

Lots of people adopt the cats and treat them just like a family member in their homes. In return, the cat also pays a full loyalty to their owners.

​To show more love and affection towards the cats, some enthusiastic cat lovers love to write blog posts for their cats. These posts not created by making dollars but such bloggers want to educate people about the ways of keeping and proper upbringing of the cats that are homeless or adopted.

​During our research, we come across the top 25 cat blogs that offer necessitating and high-quality info about these lovely creatures. They inspire not only several pet owners but also convey useful information to many people around the world.

1.The Island Cats (

The author of this cat blog is Sue Doute who belongs to the Grosse Ile Island in Michigan. There are three wonderful and healthy cats which she owned. She regularly posted their photos with her. You can find lots of incredible and enjoyable stories on her blog which is written from the perspective of the cats.​

2. Dash Kitten Blog (

Majorie Dawson runs this blog who lives in New Zealand. Besides writing the blogs, she also creates beautiful jewelry for the cats. Her main motive is to educate the people about the cats with the help of reviews and tutorials along with lots of entertainment, humor and fun. Her maximum time of the day is spent in searching about the beneficial info which can help the cat owners greatly.

3. Cat Chat with Caren and Cody (

It is an incredible cat blog by Caren Gittleman who lives in Michiga. She started this blog in the remembrance of her cat whose name was Bobo who passed away. Afterwards, Cody enters her life as a new pet and fills her life with joy. Cody is also the co-author of this blog and Caren write most of the blogs from the perspective of her pet.

4. Way of Cats Blog (

Pamela owns this amazing blog who share her experience that how she become fond of the cats after the marriage. Earlier, her husband has only cat at home but after their marriage she bought several cats for herself. She has a rescue center for cats which is running from past 15 years. There are numerous blogs and books which are written by her.

5. Mochas, Mysterious & Meows (

Melisa Lapierre is a passionate and beautiful blogger who lives with her kitty. Her journey of writing blogs started in 2011 through a book. Later, her deep affection for the cats made her to enter the cat blogging. She stays in South Burlington.

6. Natural Cat Care Blog (

Liz loves to write passionately about cats and cats have been part of her life when she was only 4. Her idea of writing blogs came in her mind when she lost her pet at the age of 12 due to the problem of intestinal lymphoma. Then she decided for creating awareness through the blogs among the pet owners about their pet’s health problems and their solution through the natural ways.

7. Paws For Reflection (

BJ Bangs who is an award-winning blogger, journalist, and photographer write blogs about the health of the cats and their rescue. She has lots of affection for cats and she writes almost everything about the cats. Besides the blogging, she is also a council member and vice president of the CWA (Cat Writer Association).

8. 7th Heaven Orientals (

Marva Marrow belongs to the South California and writes beautiful blog posts on 7th heaven Orientals. Her love for the cats builds up in very young age. She has many kittens and cats at her home that inspire her to write blogs for cats. Besides this, she also own a pet website which has attained numerous accolades.

9. Feline Behavior Solutions (

Rachel Shubin begins the blogging during the school time and this cat blog is one of the popular blogs on the internet. Her passion for the animals made her to begin this blog. She is very caring about the cats and never live a single second without them. Her main motive of the blogs is to make people aware about the cats need for home.

10. Sandpiper Cat Blog (

Rachel Shubin began Sandpiper Cat Blog when she was in high school in 2011. Her family fostered a pregnant cat who miscarried kittens. Rachel nursed Sandpiper (Piper for short) back to health and she's been by her side ever since. Rachel and her family have worked with various cat rescues since 2005.

11. Following Cats (

Tina Barbour who lives in Virginia has successfully launched this blog site for cats. She has two cats namely Natasha and Abbey. Besides the blogging, she is an English instructor, public health educator as well as a newspaper journalist. The blogs written by her are especially for the education of the cat owners.

12. Catlines Blog Where Cats Are Terrifically Superb (

Lauren Merryfield is not only a book writer but also a blogger who has written book for the Amazon. The blogs on her website are practical for all the cat owners who have cats at their home or who owns cats for business purposes. Once you read her blogs, you will surely understand by her fondness for cats.

13. Reigning Cats and Dogs (

Sandy Robins is prevalently recognized as a cat regime professional as well as influencer and this blog of her is especially devoted to the cats. Her blogs explains the beautifully the relationships among the owners and pets. She has won many awards for the exceptional contribution and Brilliance in Journalism in the field of pet industry.

14. Rascal and Rocco (

L. E. Mastilock is a blogger, artist and a homeschooling mother who owns the blog “Rascal and Rocco”. There are numerous blogs which she wrote about her two boys and the adoption of the cats by her family. She also posted beautiful pictures of all of them in the blogs.

15. Sundays at The Shelter Cat (

Maggie Swanson stays in USA along with her 4 cats and a husband. The cats belong to her husband which motivated her to write blogs about the cats. She works as a volunteer at organization built for rescuing pets. You can check out numerous beautiful photos of her cats and the cats living at the rescue shelter.

16. The Creative Cat (

“The creative cat” blog is written by the Bernadette Kazmarski who is a professional blogger and artist. She has lots of concern for the animal issues and a true passion for the cats. There are many meals which have won by her blogs for entertaining. Bernadette is also an associate of cat writers association.

17. Little Big Cat (

Dr. Jean Hofve writes the blog “little big cat’. He is also a veterinary doctor from past twenty years. She is caring about fitness and nutrition of cats. She is also an advisor for an association who works for the food verification for the cats. Her main motive is to make people love to keep cats at home.

18. Meg Dendler (

Meg Dendler runs this blog by her own name. She belongs to Arkansas. She has one dog and four cats at home. After reading her blog posts, you can see her unquestionable affection for cats. There are in excess of 100 articles which she has written as a freelancer. ‘Cats in the Mirror’ was her last popular book.

19. The Conscious Cat (

Ingrid King has won many awards for her books and blogs on cats. You can feel her passion for the care about the cats as she knows every minute details of the cat deeply. She also works as the veterinary besides the blogging. Her main aim is to provide right info about the health of the pets which people do not know generally.

20. A Tonks Tail (

Lisa Richman writes blogs about her three cats that rule her family. She educates as well as entertains people about the cats through her blogs on the “A tonks tail”. You will love to read her medical posts about the cats on the blogs. There are beautiful captures of the cat's activities in her blogs.

21. Lola The Rescued Cat (

Dawn White possesses a resilient craving for pet animal welfare and it made her peruse as a blogger in the world of internet. Her motive is to make cats live happily and healthily with the pet owner throughout their lives. You can check out the story of a rescued cat “Lola” in her blog which is quite fascinating for cat lovers.

22. Floppy Cats (

Jenny Dean enters the world of blogging when her cat dies due to the kidney failure in 2009. Jenny used to treat her cat like her soul mate to which she can share anything. The demise of her cat inspires her to write blogs. In her blogs, you can read the journey of her cat entering her life and leave her alone due to the health issue.

23. Cat and Things (

King of the Cats writes this blog which comprises of amazing cat stories. He has two cats at home to whom he adopted one year back. His one cat does not have a tail, and the other one has short legs in the front, and these things made him adopt these cats.

24. Kitty Cat (

Sue Kook loves to write about the animal rescue. She owns three cats Tigger Zoo, Kooky, and Iggy Kooky. She does not like the backyard breeding or the cats that blended in shops. She supports the trustworthy, virtuous and accountable breeders listed with the authorized registration groups.

25. Athena Cat Goddess (

Marie lives in England and is also an author, photographer and an advocate for animals. The blogs on her site aims for pet lovers and cat lovers. You can read her motivating story about her cat and her adoption on the blog “Athena Cat goddess”.

Final Word

Shortlisting the top 25 cat blogs among so many options is quite tricky, but we did this just for you. All these blogs provide accurate and original content for the cat owners.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above article and can easily refer these cat blogs for the inspiration. It will help you in making your cats live a happy and healthy life.

If we have missed any useful blog on the list then, please let us know. We will surely consider it for our list.

Hope to see you again here!

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