Here Are Today’s Top 25 Dog Blogs

Even experienced dog parents need the advice and help of other dog parents. Let us introduce you to some of the best and most relevant dog blogs today!

Proper dog care is impossible without the right help. Even if we are already experienced dog parents, there are still a lot of things we do not know nor understand. There will always come a point in our journey where we will need to rely on other people.

Thankfully, as we move forward into the digital age, everything we need is right at the tip of our fingers. Online, millions of resources are made available in an instant. Thousands of user-friendly blogs are out there willing to share knowledge and engage a community. Out of these, I have selected 25 dog blogs you will surely find entertaining, informative, and valuable.

As you raise your pet, I believe that these blogs will help you become a better dog parent. At the same time, I know that these will play crucial role in improving your pet’s life.

​Top 25 Dog Blogs

1. The Bark (

Established in 1997, The Bark is one of the oldest dog publications we have today. Regardless, it centers on modern dog culture, helping you understand how you can live smartly with your four-legged friend.

The blog contains different topics such as dog food recipes, training methods, dog health and wellness, and other relevant news. It is widely recognized for offering valuable content.

2. Crayons & Collars (

Crayons & Collars is perfect for parents who are raising both their own children and dogs. It could be messy to have kids and dogs in the house; and this blog is the right guide if you are one of those caught in the middle of this nightmare.

Founder Caroline Golon built it in response to the lack of petcare content catering to families with dogs.​

3. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (

Crusoe is one of the most popular dog personalities online today. The platform, going by the tagline, “The wiener dog who thinks he’s more of a celebrity than he really is”, is a collection of Crusoe’s adventures.

Aside from entertaining videos and travel stories throughout North America, it also contains useful information on Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

4. Dog Food Insider (

Founder Mike Rogers started Dog Food Insider after finding out the horrible ways our food are processed. Upon learning how much contamination makes it to our every meal, he wanted to put up a blog that seeks to improve canine nutrition.

Experts review different dog food products on the website. These are unbiased opinions since none of them are linked to dog food manufacturers.

5. Dog Milk (

Dog Milk is all about the latest modern products for your dog. Note that it is not an online shop. Rather, it works with advertisers and affiliates through its posts.

It features some of the cutest dog “advisors” online today. These include Boston Terrier Chicken, miniature Schnauzers Drogo and Wrigley, Shih Tzu Smash, and Siberian Husky mixes Dottie and Dottie.

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6. Dog Mom Days (

This blog is dedicated to all millennial dog moms, just like its creator. It started out as a simple blog in 2013 and became a full-time job by 2014. It features do-it-yourself (DIY) dog treats and tips on dog modeling.

With a decade of experience in animal rescue, she is passionate about giving dogs a voice. The success of Dog Mom Days is an evidence of that compassion.

7. Dogsora (

In Dogsora, you will find all the information you need to keep your dog in shape. Its main focus is on dog food, seeking to provide the best nutrition for dogs around the world. It upholds that a well-balanced diet is the key to a prolonged, disease-free life for your beloved four-legged pal.

8. The Dog Training Secret (

A group of dog training professionals with over 20 years of combined experience manages The Dog Training Secret. As the name implies, it offers the best training methods to help you deal with your dog’s behavior problems.

Particularly, the blog is well-known for its Hands Off dog training methods. These are all positive reinforcements that allow you to set your dog straight.

9. DogTipper (

Paris Permenter, America’s Pet Economist, is the genius behind DogTipper. It reviews the best products in the market and helps you provide the best care for your pet while managing your budget.

Permenter has written over 33 titles, one of which is Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. This contains over 300 tips on how to save money as you raise your dog.

10. The Everyday Dog Mom (

The Everyday Dog Mom started as The Lazy Pit Bull in 2012. At its core, it is all about celebrating all kinds of family as one raises a dog. Most of the entries here are about dog nutrition and training.

The blog gave birth to a sister online shop that aims to meet the needs of stylish dog moms, Inspired Dog Mom Boutique.

11. Fidose of Reality (

If you have a Cocker Spaniel, this blog is the perfect one for you. Founder Carol Bryant, with her famous tagline “my heart beats dog”, is the biggest Cocker Spaniel lover.

Fidose of Reality focuses on improving your dog’s health. Product reviews, travel tips, lifestyle ideas and tricks, and many more are available on the blog. There are also contests and giveaways every now and then.

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12. Golden Woofs (

Inspired by Sugar, a Golden Retriever, Golden Woofs not only provide informative dog articles but also help with Golden Retriever adoptions. It is complete with all the essentials— treat recipes, product reviews, and travel guides. Its product reviews include the best dog-friendly cars.

In its online shop, Woofs and Wagz, you will find great products that can help you have fun with your best four-legged friend.

13. GoPetFriendly (

Amy and Rod Burkert founded GoPetFriendly in 2009. They started by compiling the pet policies of places where you would usually go with your dog. You will find information on pet supply stores, restaurants, and vet clinics. Their primary goal was to help travelling dog parents.Since its foundation, the platform has grown into something bigger. Today, it provides resources that help you plan the best road trips.

14. iHeartDogs (

This platform originated from the Facebook page I Love Dogs, which easily gained a million followers shortly after its inception in 2014. Unlike other blogs, it focuses on senior dogs, and how adoption is preferable to help shelter dogs.

iHeartDogs has a simple code— every dog matters. This is evident in its efforts to raise funds to support its endeavors.

15. iPupster (

This blog offers fresh and relevant content to help every pet parent out there. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, you will find it helpful.

It comes with tips on pet travel, product reviews, how to’s, dog food and feeding guide, among others. These are all geared towards iPupster’s goal of nourishing your bond with your dog.

16. Keep The Tail Wagging (

If you want to know more about raw feeding, Keep the Tail Wagging is the place to visit online. It is a personal blog where Kimberly Gauthier engages her audience as she shares the benefits of raw feeding. Through the platform, she emphasizes the importance of natural dietary supplements, too.

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17. Life With Beagle (

Christie Zizo, a contributor to popular pet websites, is responsible for Life with Beagle. It is inspired by her Beagle, Lulu, who was rescued in Florida.

The award-winning blog also centers on Jasmine, a mix breed adopted from a shelter. It is commended for its rich content. One of its segments include the Cruelty-Free Guide, which features cruelty-free products you can patron.

18. Life with Dogs (

Life with Dogs has evolved from a personal blog into a huge online community of passionate dog parents. It centers on Finnegan, an Irish Wolfhound mix and rescue dog.

The blog is complete with different stories of dog feats, reunions, survival, and other fun stuff— all for and by its followers.

19. My Brown Newfies (

Former veterinary technician Jennifer Costello is the woman behind My Brown Newfies. She started blogging to share to the world her life with her two Newfoundland babies. Eventually, it became an award-winning platform that features family stories, dog health and wellness articles, and great products.

As a dog parent and a blogger, Costello is in this journey to create the healthiest lifestyle for her and your dogs.

20. Paws Across Britain (

If you live in Britain or simply want to travel to Britain with your dog, Paws Across Britain is your go-to blog. It features the best pet-friendly spots in the region. Every post highlights the special features of every destination. You will also find product reviews and dog activities.

Further, it supports fundraising activities for its partner organization, Guide Dogs.

21. Puppy Leaks (

Believing that dogs are more than just animals, Puppy Leaks aims to help you live the happiest life you could possibly live with your dog. It offers all kinds of tips and tricks, especially on nutrition and lifestyle.

Moreover, it guides those who wish to start their own dog blogs. Needless to say, it is building a harmonious online community for dog parents.

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22. Seattle DogSpot (

Seattle is known for its unparalleled canine fondness. It has a dynamic community of dog lovers and parents, with Seattle DogSpot leading the pack.

In this award-winning blog, will find all the resources you need to live or travel with your dog in Seattle. Committed to dog rescue, it donates a portion of its product sales to dog shelters and initiatives.

23. That Mutt (

That Mutt founder Lindsay Stordahl’s desire is to help you understand your dog better than anyone else. She believes that a strong bond between a dog and his or her parent is the key to a happy life and most importantly, the key to keeping dogs out of shelters.

In the blog, you will find useful training methods, dog behavior discussions, raw feeding information, and more.

24. To Dog With Love (

Creator Diane Silver put up this blog in hopes of using social media to raise funds for animal rescue. As a journalist and corporate public relations (PR) practitioner, she has worked with big clients to help carry out her causes.

To Dog with Love was inspired by her dog, Cosmo Havanese. It features stories of pet parents, and their adventures and struggles with their furballs.

25. Whole Dog Journal


Whole Dog Journal provides comprehensive, well-researched resources on dog care and training. Its main objective is to help you understand your dog, allowing you to optimize his or her overall wellness.

Complementary therapies are available to help you provide the best natural care for your furball. Experts also review products thoroughly, helping you choose the right ones for him or her.

Funny Dogs and Babies Playing Together - Cute dog & baby compilation


Given the many dog blogs we have today, it was challenging to pick out the top 25 for me. The ones that made it to this list are my personal favorites. Regularly, I visit them for entertainment, ideas, and inspiration as well. In fact, some of these are what inspired me to start blogging about my passion— petcare.

I hope that you find them helpful, too. In your journey as a dog parent, you will need a solid community that can make it as enjoyable and as fruitful as possible.

​Is there any blog that caught your interest the most? What other dog blogs do you follow? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Thanks for reading!​

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