When Do Yorkies Stop Growing? Know More About Their Growth!!!

Yorkies are cute because of their size… but when do Yorkies stop growing? Until when can they grow before they’re considered oversized?

​If you are a fan of toy dog breeds— or just even of dogs in general, you love Yorkshire Terriers. However, Yorkies are popular not just because of the rich and interesting history that back their breed. They are also among the cutest dog breeds because of their petite size. Given this, it is quite hard to determine when they are going to grow.

For sure, if you own a Yorkie or plan to adopt one, you wonder, “when do Yorkies stop growing?” It is also a common concern among us as to when are Yorkies considered oversized and/or overweight. So, let us dive deeper into details to know the answer!

The Growth Of Yorkies

Before we can answer the question, “when do Yorkies stop growing?” we first need to understand their growth rate. In doing so, we can determine when do Yorkies stop growing or at what point in their lives it does happen.

If your Yorkie has a normal growth rate and is perfectly healthy from the moment of his or her birth, you will observe the following stages, periods, and characteristics:”

 1. Newborn Stage

Birth to 7th Week

A newborn Yorkie grows swiftly. In this stage, he or she will gradually open his or her eyes and learn how to walk. Your dog will double in weight from roughly 0.07 kg to 0.14 kg.

 2. Puppy Stage

8th Week to 11th Week

During this period, your Yorkie will weigh between 0.34 kg and 0.96 kg. He or she will be considered as a young puppy that is starting to develop and familiarize with the world he or she is surrounded with.

12th Week to 19th Week

Your Yorkie will most likely develop new habits during this period. Expect him or her to weigh between 0.45 kg and 1.13 kg.

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing

20th Week to 52nd Week

At this time in his or her life, your Yorkie will weigh between 0.68 kg and 2.04 kg. He or she will likely slow down growing.

As an adolescent, your Yorkie can fully and properly respond to training. Note that he or she will be too energetic at most times, which is why you need to prepare yourself for it. Nonetheless, you can also take advantage of this enthusiasm to teach him or her various tricks. He or she can learn them well during this period.

 3. Adult Stage

Beginning of 1st Year (53rd Week) to End of 3rd Year (156th Week)

Your Yorkie is considered as a young adult during the first four years of his or her life. At this period, his or her weight will surely reach the one-kg mark— if he or she still has not in previous periods.

Beginning of 4th Year (157th Week) to End of 7th Year (364th Week)

In this later period in your Yorkie’s life, he or she will be a full-blown adult. He or she will weigh as much as 3.17 kg.

 4. Senior Stage

Beginning of 8th Year (416th Week) to End of 9th Year (468th Week)

At this point in time, your Yorkie will no longer gain weight unless he or she still has not reached the peak of about 3.17 kg. Such is the case because he or she is already considered as a senior.

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing

Photo credit: Bessem Hamud on Flickr

In some cases though, it is normal for Yorkies to grow a little bit oversized. Do not be surprised if your Yorkie falls under the oversized classification, weighing between 3.62 kg to 4.08 kg. We will discuss this further as we proceed.

In terms of height, you will notice your dog be as tall as 15.24 cm to 22.86 cm. Note that you will measure this from the floor, where your Yorkie stands flat from, to his or her withers.

Despite their seniority, Yorkies are still likely to be full of life at this age. By far, there has not been any recorded signs of aging among Yorkies during their eighth and ninth years of existence.

Beginning of 10th Year (469th Week)

Some Yorkies will begin to show noticeable signs of deteriorating health when they turn 10 years old. You will observe that they are no longer as energetic as they used to be.

More often than not, this will be evident through frequent sleeping. Your Yorkie might also exhibit feelings of exhaustion faster than he or she used to after certain activities.

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

Given everything we have talked about by far, we can now insightfully answer the question, “when do Yorkies stop growing?”

Yorkies slow down— if not completely stop— growing as soon as they turn a year old. Should your Yorkie grow in terms of weight in later periods, you will only observe minimal changes. It is during his or her first year that you will observe rapid growth.

Once your Yorkie has reached the maximum average weight of 3.17 kg or the oversized weight of as much as 4.08 kg, he or she will definitely stop growing. This will likely happen during your pet’s seniority.

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing

Oversized Yorkies

Now that we have an idea as to when do Yorkies stop growing, let us tackle what leads to an above the normal size.

Usually, your Yorkie grows or has grown a little bit over than he or she normally should because of too much weight. However, worry no more because there are ways to resolve this not-so-uncommon case.

A Yorkie weighing 4.50 kg or more is considered overweight. If your pet weighs this much, the first step you would want to take is to consult the vet. Should he or she recommend a weight loss procedure, you need to do two things:

 1. Lower your Yorkie’s calorie intake.

This means that you need to watch carefully the diet of your pet. While you do not really have to cut down portions, it is important to be mindful of what goes into his or her meals. For example, you can prepare his or her meals with more nutritious ingredients.

 2. Engage your Yorkie in more physical activities

When losing weight, nothing beats exercise. It is not just all about our dog’s eating habits. After all, an active lifestyle is a vital part of a healthier life.

Try to encourage your Yorkie into staying more active by regularly going for walks or playing in the fields. Not only your dog gets enough exercise, you do too!

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To Wrap Things Up…

When do Yorkies stop growing?

They usually stop growing during their first year following a rapid growth. Normally, they weigh as much as 3.17 kg and grow tall as high as 22.86 cm. In some cases, it is normal for Yorkies to weigh as much as 4.08 kg. They will only be considered overweight if they hit the 4.50-kg mark.

What to do when Yorkies become overweight?

Before doing anything else, you first need to take your dog to the vet. If he or she suggests weight loss as an efficient solution, then you can lower your Yorkie’s calorie intake and optimize his or her physical activities.I hope you have enjoyed our discussion for today and have a better understanding as to when do Yorkies stop growing and what to do when they become overweight!

Do you have any questions similar to, “when do Yorkies stop growing?” Let us know so that we can talk about them soon!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!

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