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It can seem quite daunting at times to choose a dog bed. So how can you locate the best bed possible for your beloved pet? You need to consider their needs and kind of bed that may be best for them. Some of the most important things that you should consider include their coat type, breed, size, and age.

A bed is your dog's safe place. It is where they feel relaxed and comfortable. It is very important that you get your dog a bed that he will be happy with. Dog beds are available for every kind of dog, and are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes depending on what your needs are. Take a look at reviews on Dog Product Picker to help you make your choice.

Before determining what kind of dog bed to purchase the following are some important things to consider.

Where Will You Be Putting The Dog Bed Inside Your House?

The first thing that you need to consider is where the bed is going to go inside your house. A dog bed may take up more space than you might think at first. So you don't want to order a bed and then realize you don't have enough room for it.

You will also need to determine a place inside your home where your dog can be comfortable. Usually, they will prefer to be in a quiet area where they are able to get away from people in your household and all of the noise. The bed should also not be close to drafts that could cause your dog to get a chill. You also don't want the bed to be in a part of your house that will be too hot for your dog.

Does Your Dog Have Special Requirements Or Needs?

Does your dog have allergies? What about joint or back problems? Consider whether or not your dog has special needs or requirements that may impact the kind of dog bed you buy. For example, a dog that has allergies will need to have a hypoallergenic bed.

Where Does Your Dog Feel The Most Comfortable?

Does your dog like to snuggle on a nice comfortable sofa or like to lay down on a hard, cool kitchen floor? Watch your dog to see where he has a tendency to relax in your house and that may help to determine what kind of material he will prefer.

The Sleeping Position Of Your Dog

Dogs sleep in many different positions. There are some positions that they sleep in that don't look comfortable even when the dog appears to be perfectly content. Does your dog lie on his back with his legs up in the air, curl up into a ball, or stretch with their legs out? Watch your dog and note what their favorite sleeping position is and then select a bed with the most suitable shape.

What size of bed does he need? Consider how large your dog is and how big his bed needs to be. It should be big enough so that your dog can stretch out in bed so be sure you choose a size of bed that allows for that.

Does your dog tend to get really dirty? Does he like to jump around in muddy puddles and end up dirty? If so then you may want to get a bed that is easy to wash or get a waterproof plastic bed. If your dog tends to have a lot of accidents or is very young, then getting a waterproof dog bed may be a good option.

Does Your Dog Do A Lot Of Shedding?

If your dog has a tendency to shed lots of fur you will probably want to get a bed that is easy to vacuum. It is a good idea to avoid materials like cotton and wool since they attract hair.

What Is Your Dog's Age?

Older dogs tend to have different needs when it comes to their bed. An elderly dog needs to have something that supports their joints and offers comfort as their life continues to get harder. An orthopedic bed is especially great for an older dog, which includes memory foam beds which offer added comfort. There are some older dogs that like a firmer bed that offers additional support.

Does Your Dog Love To Chew Things?

If so, you may want to purchase a bed made out of a tough material. You could come home to a totally destroyed dog bed with stuffing all over the room if you don't choose a sensible option.

Bed For Puppies

Keep in mind if you need a bed for your puppy that it needs to be large enough that he can grow into it. If you don't you could end up buying three or more sizes of bed as they grow larger. Puppy beds need to be easy to clean, soft, and comfortable.

Get Your Dog Accustomed To Their Brand-New Bed

At times a dog will take some time to get settled into a new bed. You might need to use treats to introduce your dog to their new bed. One of the main reasons why a dog doesn't sleep in his new bed is from being too hot. Your dog may think it is very comfortable but always will retreat to a cooler place.

Try making the new bed feel more familiar by placing some toys inside of it so that the familiar smell will reassure your dog.

Price Range

What amount are you willing to spend on your dog bed? Everyone loves treating their dog and it is important to get a comfortable bed. Similar to humans, dogs tend to spend much of their time sleeping in bed. But you need to consider how much you can spend on the dog bed. There are basic dog beds up to luxury designer beds.

Types of Dog Beds:

  • Plastic oval beds
  • Dog beanbags
  • Dog duvets
  • Dog cushions
  • Oval beds
  • Waterproof beds
  • Donut beds
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